Jane Figures Out Anezka's Secret On 'Jane The Virgin' & It's About Time

At the end of the second season of Jane the Virgin, Anezka did a twin switch with Petra, leaving her sister in a comatose-like state while she took over her life. Since then, fans have been wondering when someone would figure out that Anezka is really Petra and vice-versa. Thankfully, it seems as though Jane has figured out Anezka's secret on Jane the Virgin and hopefully this means Petra will finally be freed. (About time!)

Since Anezka took on the role of Petra, she's been struggling with trying to keep up the false front and in the fourth episode of Season 3, Anezka finally lost her grip on things. The whole point of Anezka pretending to be Petra was so she could sell Petra's shares of the Marbella and use the money to get their mother, Magda, out of jail. Unfortunately for Magda, Anezka ended up falling for Scott, delaying their plans — but Magda's not a patient lady and she refused to wait any longer. So she sent her friend, who was recently released from jail, to pay Anezka a visit and warn her that she had 72 hours to get the money or Magda's friend would reveal her secret. However, what Anezka didn't know was Petra was paying half of Michael and Jane's rent on their house and since Anezka didn't know the money stopped coming, this led to Jane discovering what Petra had done.

Anezka, who had no clue about this or the fight Petra and Jane had before the wedding, didn't handle the situation all that well, but in the end, Jane ended up inviting Anezka and Scott over for dinner to thank "Petra." The dinner went horribly wrong when Jane asked Anezka if Scott was blackmailing her, thanks to Rafael's suspicions, and things only got worse when Jane attempted to apologize for her actions and Anezka accidentally pushed her into the pool, leading to an all-out girl fight between the two.

Anezka, having run out of time to get the money, pulled her trump card on Rafael, blackmailing him to give her not only her shares of the Marbella, but also his own. When leaving Rafael's office, Anezka was surprised to run into Jane and it was her tiny shriek that made Jane finally put the pieces of the puzzle together, realizing "Petra" isn't really Petra at all. Thankfully, Jane wasted no time in telling Rafael her suspicions and by the look on his face, it isn't going to take much convincing for Rafael to believe her. Hopefully now that Jane seemingly knows the truth, she and Rafael can get to work to save Petra and put a stop to Anezka's plans once and for all.