Jane & Michael Get Married On 'Jane The Virgin,' But Will It Last?

At times it may have looked like Jane's wedding was never going to happen on Jane the Virgin; there were simply too many obstacles in the way. But in the Season 2 finale, "Chapter Forty-Four," Jane and Michael got married, and it was a ceremony that both honored their relationship and stayed true to the spirit of the show. Even within the episode, things seemed pretty dicey for a while. Jane and Michael were fighting. Xo and Ro were fighting. The priest got knocked out during the rehearsal. Jane was battling to change her thesis last minute. Jane had to take the bus to her own wedding, and to top it all off she was late.

But then, as if by magic, everything fell into place. Alba and Xiomara walked Jane down the aisle, where she was given away by Rogelio (who hugged Michael a little longer than was perhaps strictly necessary). Jane and Michael exchanged their vows; Michael even did so in Spanish in a beautiful nod to Jane and her family. It was lovely and heartwarming, just like all the best Jane the Virgin moments. Then the entire thing was topped off with a musical number as everyone from a Virgin Mary statue to the church choir to Jane's family sang a song encouraging Jane to go have sex already.

The wedding continued to be just as heartwarming as it transitioned from ceremony to reception. Rogelio called in a celebrity favor to get Bruno Mars to serenade the crowd as Jane and Michael took their first dance as a married couple. Rogelio and Jane busted a sweet choreographed move together, too. It was a celebration in every sense of the word, and it was totally in line with the tone of the show – funny and sweet at once. It seemed like everything was going perfectly.

But this is a telenovela, after all. As the minutes ticked on to the end of the episode and nothing horrible happened, a feeling of deep foreboding started to infiltrate all the otherwise infectious joy. Everything was too perfect; could it possibly last?

The answer, of course, is that it couldn't. This show is masterful at walking the line between the realistic and the surreal, as well as bringing the audience to laughter as easily as tears. Both ended up being the case for the Season 2 finale as Jane's perfect wedding ended with the ultimate tragedy: Michael being shot just outside the hotel room he and Jane were sharing.

It was a dark end to a happy episode, and it'll definitely have fans curious about how Season 3 handles the fallout.