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Jane & Michael Shouldn't Get Married On 'Jane The Virgin,' & Here's Why

Back in Season 1 of Jane the Virgin, Jane and Michael were the perfect couple. Michael understood Jane's want to wait until marriage to have sex and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. They had cute inside jokes, the same taste in food, and Xo and Alba loved him. But, there was still a feeling that maybe Jane and Michael shouldn't end up together on Jane the Virgin.

Once Jane was accidentally inseminated, their relationship became very complicated, as could be expected when a virgin becomes pregnant. Rafael, the baby's father, entered the picture and Jane realized she had feelings for him. Although she tried to deny it the truth was she was falling in love with Rafael, and therefore out of love with Michael, leading to their breakup.

Now Jane and Michael are back together and wasted no time to get engaged again. Everyone is over the moon excited for their impending nuptials (except Rafael, of course) and it seems like Michael and Jane may get their happily ever after after all. But should they?

Jane and Michael have been through a lot. An unplanned pregnancy, multiple crime lords, murders, and Mateo's kidnapping. That's a lot for any couple to go through. So, are Jane and Michael really ready to take the plunge? Probably not and here's why.

Jane Broke Michael's Heart

Jane fell in love with someone else even though she told Michael repeatedly that there was nothing going on between her and Rafael. Of course, Jane never wanted to hurt Michael but it doesn't change the fact that she did. So far on the show, Jane has constantly flip flopped between Michael and Rafael. Since Rafael is Mateo's father he'll always be in Jane's life. As Michael's parents pointed out, who's to say Jane won't change her mind again.

Jane & Michael Changed A Lot After They Broke Up

During the time they were apart, Jane considered having sex before marriage and Michael got fired from the police force (but he's back now!). They both did, and considered, things they probably never had during their relationship and they're not the same people they were before they broke up. Although they may think they still love each other, how well do they really know the people they've become since they've been apart?

It's Happening Way Too Fast

Even though they were engaged before, that doesn't mean they should pick back up right where they left off. They should take some time to get to know each other again and see if spending the rest of their lives together is still something they really want. Marriage is a commitment, and especially for someone like Jane who takes it very seriously, it's not something they can easily get out of.

Jane & Michael's Relationship Is Based On Big Moments

Yes, Jane and Michael have some really cute, romantic scenes that make you sigh happily, but that's not all marriage is. Marriage can be hard and complicated and the last time things got complicated between Jane and Michael ,they broke up. How will they handle bigger issues in their relationship in the future?

Jane Has A Lot On Her Plate

Jane is in grad school, working as a TA, and working as a waitress, all on top of being a relatively new mom. She might not have time to plan a wedding and become a new wife. She barely has time for Michael as it is. Jane focusing on so many other things, maybe a marriage isn't the right thing at the moment.