Scott Everett White/The CW

Jane & Petra Mocked The Election On 'JTV'

Jane the Virgin has never been afraid to make a political statement, but Monday night's episode takes the cake in being the most political one thus far. Jane and Petra faced off to see who would be Room Mom at Anna, Elsa, and Mateo's preschool. Naturally, on a show that loves to have their characters dress up in different costumes, Jane and Petra mocked the election on Jane the Virgin and it was perfect.

Jane and Petra's friendship always has its ups and downs. Because Petra was the one who got Mateo into the elite preschool, she's been on Jane's case to be more involved in the various activities and Jane decided to take her advice. In fact, during last week's episode, Jane even went so far as to help out with the Monte Carlo fundraiser and made peace with another mom after Mateo's aide spread gossip about her.

However, on "Chapter Fifty-Eight," Jane decided to step her involvement up a notch after feeling like she hasn't been spending enough time with Mateo, so she decided to sign up for Room Mom but Petra wasn't willing to step down. Although the two moms attempted to work together, it quickly became clear that there could only be one Room Mom, so the two suggested a run-off election be held to decide who would get the position.

The two moms faced off in a heated debate, bringing up some of the school's most important needs, such as the playground. Oh, and the references to the debates that occurred during last year's election were a little too real. Jane even brought up a wall at one point and when Petra started talking about squirrel feces in the sand on the playground, the show put up an #AlternativeFacts hashtag.

The debate then turned ugly when Jane accused Petra of using "scare tactics" and then the two moms starts criticizing each other's parenting styles. In the end, there was no clear winner of the debate, but someone still had to win the vote and become Room Mom. Except after Jane had a heart-to-heart with Rogelio and Petra had a heart to heart with Rafael, neither Jane nor Petra actually wanted to be Room Mom.

Instead they volunteered Rafael for the job and now he's Room Mom, or I guess Room Dad. Either way, that was a plot twist no one saw coming; the write-in candidate almost never wins. It'll be interesting to see how Rafael handles his new job, but I expect it'll be fun to see him in this new parental duty.