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Here's What Jason Momoa Thinks About Those Viral Shirtless Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has seen the photoshopped Girl Scout cookie boxes featuring his name and likeness, and he's not bothered at all. In fact, he'd like to score a few free boxes for himself. Really, Momoa's reaction to the viral Mamoa's Samoas cookies, dreamed up by a 9-year-old marketing genius, was absolutely priceless.

Before making his way to his seat at the 2019 Oscars with wife Lisa Bonet, while speaking with Entertainment Tonight, 39-year-old Momoa revealed that he's a huge fan of Girl Scout cookies. Samoas, however, aren't his favorite cookie. Shocking, I know.

"I love Girl Scout cookies, I was waiting to get some free ones. I'd love some," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I want the shortbread — and then you put those in the freezer and that's the best way." Momoa added in the same interview, "Yeah, I just want my shortbread cookies!"

Bonet, however, believes her hubby has an ulterior motive. She jokingly told the news outlet he wants in on this brilliant marketing play, which is the brainchild of Charlotte Holmberg and her mother, according to NBC News affiliate KHQQ6. "I think he just wants his cut," she told Entertainment Tonight with a laugh.

In case you missed the news last week, the Holmbergs came up with the idea after seeing a Twitter meme showing the action hero perched atop a Samoa cookie, according to NBC News Denver affiliate station KUSA. Speaking with the news outlet, 9-year-old Charlotte said she was trying to unload some of her inventory when she came up with the idea — and it appears it worked, too. Charlotte's mom said their little rebrand has been a hit among the rest of the troop moms. Just don't tell their kids.

"The moms are getting really excited, and they're saying that they need them," she shared with KUSA.

Now, it's not just the moms who are trying to get their hands on Momoas, either. According to USA Today, some of Charlotte's fellow troop members have approached her about getting boxes of the cookies with Momoa's shirtless photo on them. Basically, she's crushing the cookie game in all markets.

USA Today also reported that Charlotte is currently a "Top Cookie CEO" for the Girl Scouts, meaning she's been moving cookies in serious quantities. Sometimes you've just got to get creative when it comes to sales.

Charlotte isn't the first Girl Scout to capitalize on an idea to sell cookies. A Canadian Girl Scout went viral in October when she set up shop outside a dispensary following the legalization of marijuana, as Fortune reported. In less than an hour, according to CBC News, she'd sold all her cookies to folks looking to curb their munchies with sweets.

Another savvy young cookie entrepreneur named Kiki Paschall took a note from Cardi B, according to People. She remixed the New York rapper's hit single "Money" into her very own Scout-friendly version and shared it on Twitter, even catching Cardi's eye and her sweet tooth.

You could spend your money on plain old Girl Scout cookies, or you could give it to Charlotte — a true cookie sales pioneer — and pray she and her mom have found a way to print up actual boxes of Somoas with shirtless Momoa on them. I know what I'd choose.