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Twitter is Freaking Out Over Jason Momoa’s Scrunchie At The Oscars

If you were excited to see Jason Momoa presenting in formal wear at the Oscars, you probably had a certain look in mind. Probably your fantasy did not involve a scrunchie around Jason Momoa's wrist, but, well, that's what you got. There's no going back in time and asking Momoa's stylist to explain, so all you (and everybody else) can do now is to decide if you're cool with the scrunchie... or not.

When you first saw the former Game of Thrones star and his stunning wife Lisa Bonet walking down the red carpet, the first thing you probably noticed was all the pink. Bonet wore a pink gown with touches of purple in her trademark fancy bohemian style, while Momoa wore a blush pink tuxedo with black piping; in a meaningful twist, both ensembles were custom Fendi looks designed by the late Karl Lagerfeld, according to E! News. As for accessories, according to E! News, Bonet wore 14K Yellow gold and diamond earrings from Fernando Jorge, as well as two Jacquie Aiche Opal Finger Bracelets, while Momoa wore a coordinated scrunchie. (On his wrist, where scrunchies belong, of course.)

While no one would dare question the usefulness of a scrunchie, there are those who are questioning its validity as awards show-level bling. In other words, everybody on Twitter was freaking out about this accessory, with quite a few of them seemingly unable to decide *what* they thought about it.

You could probably make an entire category of reactions entirely from people who realized they had the same exact scrunchie somewhere at the bottom of a purse or under a couch cushion somewhere.

Then there were those who looked at the situation diplomatically. Like, OK, clearly the pink velvet suit/pink velvet scrunchie combo was a little much, but if there's a dude who can make that work in the world... obviously it would be Jason Momoa.

Still others pointed out that if nothing else, a pink velvet scrunchie is a definite mood.

Was Momoa's fashion move so brave that it was, in fact, regal? Perhaps wearing a pink velvet scrunchie is straight out of a king's style playbook.

Basically, though, the more tweets you read, the more you began to understand that Jason Momoa's scrunchie was representative of so much more than a scrunchie to so many people. That scrunchie soon had its very own energy. Like, "pink velvet scrunchie energy."

(Also: Agreed on the above points re: Black Panther, Chris Evans, Maya Rudolph and Brie Larson.)

So it seems that the moral of this scrunchie story boils down to this: Sometimes, when somebody does an unexpected thing, people get a little freaked out at first. But, assuming the unexpected thing is a completely harmless and silly thing like a hair accessory, eventually people will come around and realize that there's no reason why a scrunchie can't be a black-tie accessory for an awards show. For Aquaman.

Oh, and by the way, this isn't the first time Momoa rocked the blush scrunchie; according to Esquire, he has been spotted wearing it with a hoodie while traveling through Australia's Brisbane airport and on a TV appearance in the UK.

Scrunchies sure are versatile.