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Jay Z Quotes About Beyoncé Will Make You Sob

Jay Z and Beyoncé are basically America's relationship goals right now, am I right? Not only are they the highest paid celebrity couple, they are stunning musicians and businesspeople in their own right. Not only are they the parents to one beautiful daughter, but they have two more babies on the way. The pair haven't always been open about their relationship, especially in the early days when they were still dating. But as the years have gone by, Beyoncé has totally opened up about her devotion to her husband of eight years, Shawn "Jay Z" Carter. Jay Z, for all his incredible hip hop and rap word-smithing, has kept his cards close to his jacket — but these five Jay Z quotes about Beyoncé show that, while he might not be a man of many words when it comes to his wife, he is still completely crazy in love with her.

It's almost hard to fathom that this power couple will have been married nine years this April. Jay Z and Beyoncé's relationship goes all the way back to 2002, when the pair collaborated on "03 Bonnie and Clyde." There was of course their collaboration on "Crazy in Love," together, too. They've been through a lot together — can I get anyone a glass of Lemonade? — and Jay Z has made it clear they're in it together and are made to last.

The Playboy Talks To Playboy Magazine

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Speaking to Playboy in 2003, Jay Z downplayed the many swirling rumors about their blossoming relationship, given that the pair had been seen out and about together. When asked about his relationship with Beyoncé at the time, Jay Z said they were "just friends." When pressed, Jay Z got coy:

She’s beautiful. Who wouldn’t wish she was their girlfriend? Maybe one day [smiles].

"Let's Lock This Down"

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"'03 Bonnie and Clyde" wasn't just a great track: It put their relationship out there for the world to see. Jay Z had no trouble telling the world not only how in love they were, but how strongly they felt for each other, even from the very beginning:

Only time we don't speak is during 'Sex and the City' / She gets Carrie fever but soon as the show is over / She's right back to being my soldier / 'Cause mami's a rider and I'm a roller / Put us together, how they gon' stop both us? / Whatever she lacks, I'm right over her shoulder / When I'm off track mami is keeping me focused / So let's, lock this down like it's supposed to be / The '03 Bonnie & Clyde, Hov' and B.

His Wife Is A Work Of Art

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On Jay Z's 2013 album, Magna Carta... Holy Grail, he drops a sweet lyric about how beautiful he thinks his wife is — and to confirm, yes: Queen Bey is beautiful!

Sleeping every night next to Mona Lisa / The modern day version with better features.

Standing By Her Side

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In 2013, Beyoncé and Jay Z revealed they had a miscarriage when they first started trying to have children, and it was devastating for them. When rumors began swirling that Beyoncé's pregnancy with Blue Ivy was fake, it hit Jay Z hard, too. Speaking to Vanity Fair, Jay Z said:

You know, I felt dismissive about it, but you’ve got to feel for her. I mean, we’ve got a really charmed life, so how can we complain? But when you think about it, we’re still human beings.

A Love For All Time

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In this 2013 quote attributed to Jay Z, he sums up their entire relationship:

...became my best friend... 20 years old, it was time… before you knew it she made me swallow my pride and my own words… "forever mackin" – 8 years later, married, one kid, She saved me.