JCPenney Is Recalling These Denim Shorts For Toddlers Due To A Choking Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued a statement announcing a recall on JCPenney's Okie Dokie Denim shorts due to a choking hazard posed by the small patches located on front the shorts. The CPSC issued the recall on Tuesday, July 24, and before you toss everything in your kid's dresser, here's how you can tell if your little one's shorts are included in this recall.

JCPenney's Okie Dokie Denim Patch Shorties are made of a darker denim and have tan stitching along the seams. The shorts are decorated with a rainbow and slice of watermelon on the front of each pocket. According to the CPSC, the rainbow and watermelon patches on the front of the shorts can detach, which is what can pose a choking risk to children. Romper's request for further comment from JCPenney and the short's manufacturer on the recall was not immediately returned.

The CPSC's website notes that about 5,400 units of the shorts were sold in toddler sizes 2T through 5T. Although no incidents have been reported so far, if any parents have purchased these shorts or know of anyone else who purchased them, it's important to retire them from your kid's wardrobe. According to the CPSC, people will be able to bring the Okie Dokie denim shorts back to JCPenney's and receive a refund.

From February 2018 through June 2018, the Okie Dokie Denim Patch Shorties were sold exclusively online at JCPenney's website for about $22. If you think you might have one the recalled shorts, check its tag for the item number (324-8191) and date code (12/17), according to the CSPC. According to MS News, the recall was done voluntarily by JCPenney, under the CPSC's Fast Track Recall Process. The CPSC's recall notice noted that any costumers with the shorts should contact JCPenney for instructions on a return for a full refund in the form of a gift card.

JCPenney can be contacted at 800-322-1189 from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. C.T., Monday through Sunday. Additionally, costumers will be able to find more information on JCPenney's website at From there, scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on "Help" and then click on "Product Recalls".

Of course, choking is something especially important to be aware of when it comes to children. According to the American Academy of Pediatricians, it is the leading cause of injury among children and it can sometimes be fatal. This is especially true for children 4 years of age or younger, according to the AAP. Choking hazards can present themselves in all shapes, from small patches on clothing to sticky food items like peanut butter.

Even for households who do not have to worry about this recall, it's important to keep choking hazards in mind moving forward. It's also really important to be aware of some signs of children choking and how to respond. As reported by the U.K.'s Red Cross, one sign of choking to look for in children is clutching at their chest or neck, being unable to breathe, cough, or speak. If you're regularly around children but don't know what to do if a child starts choking, CPR Kids TV's video (above) demonstrates methods for infants and toddlers.

Luckily, JCPenney's recall was issued before any incidents occurred and the company is being proactive in getting the possibly dangerous items out of its stores.