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Jenna Dewan Tatum Brought Her Daughter To Dance Rehearsal, & The Results Will Make Moms LOL

Have you ever had a big meeting or project you just had to work on for your job, but you also had no choice but to bring your kid with you while you worked on it? If so, you're definitely not alone, and it looks like Jenna Dewan Tatum is in that multitasking parent club as well. Jenna Dewan Tatum brought her daughter to a rehearsal recently, and it's so relatable for moms who face the challenge of juggling both work and their kids — a task Dewan Tatum handled with grace.

On Monday, Dewan Tatum posted an extremely adorable video to Instagram. In it, she's at a dance rehearsal, surrounded by fellow dancers, and her daughter Everly is watching from the sidelines. But not for long.

Suddenly, Everly ran over to her mama, and grabbed onto her in the middle of the practice. Dewan Tatum was literally mid-dance move when her daughter ran up and wrapped her arms around her middle, clearly not caring that her mother was technically working at that very second. Nope, when a 4-year-old wants a hug, it's time to hug — that's just the way it is.

But Dewan Tatum seemed totally cool with the interruption, and continued to dance even as her daughter hung off of her. I can't even dance when I'm trying to figure out where my own feet go, and Dewan Tatum managed to keep going even as a child unexpectedly joined in. That takes some skill, people.

Dewan Tatum captioned the cute video, "mom life last night♥️," and it's so incredibly fitting. A lot of moms understand her struggle and totally get that sometimes your kids are gonna throw a curveball into your work plans.

Luckily, it looks like Dewan Tatum's coworkers, in this instance, understood that too. The other dancers seemed completely unfazed by the moment, and continued to do the choreography while Dewan Tatum had her daughter literally attached to her as they kept going with the rehearsal, according to Glamour.

It could be that this isn't the first time that Everly crashed the party, and the other dancers are totally cool with it. It's not as if she was running around getting in everyone's way while they tried to rehearse — she just wanted a hug from her mom, and just went for it, in that confident way that only little kids can pull off.

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And it sounds like Everly will have no problem continuing to be confident as she grows up. Dewan Tatum actually spoke to PEOPLE in September about instilling confidence in Everly — alongside her husband, actor Channing Tatum — and how important it is to them. She told PEOPLE:

Starting early and starting to build her confidence in her true authenticity and herself is important. Because then when the influences come in that will try and tell her, ‘You’re not great’ and ‘You’re not amazing,’ she’ll have that strong sense of reminding.

It seems like Dewan Tatum is doing everything she can to encourage that confidence in her daughter — and that's another epic "mom life" move on her part.

The fact is, Dewan Tatum having to power through as her daughter interrupted a work moment is something most moms are probably very familiar with. In 2015, 69.9 percent of mothers with children under the age of 18 were in the labor force in the United States, according to a brief on working mothers provided by the Women's Bureau of the United States Department of Labor. And while many of those moms probably have to deal more often with leaving the office early than having a dance routine interrupted, the struggle is still similar.

Dewan Tatum, like many mothers, had to include her daughter in her work plans, and it just happened to lead to a really adorable moment for the pair of them. And it likely won't be the last time we get to share in a cute moment involving the delightful little Everly — the kid is clearly ready for the spotlight, just like her parents.

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