Jennifer Garner Is So Adorably Relatable In This Video Of Her Seeing Her New Movie In Theaters

Most of the time, fans are hard-pressed to really understand what life is like for celebrities. And then there’s Jennifer Garner. The actress is so down-to-earth, so real about life, that it’s hard to feel like she isn’t just one of us. This weekend, for instance, Jennifer Garner was adorably relatable, watching her new movie in theaters for the first time, with an audience, and she took her followers along for the ride on Instagram.

The actress was there for the opening of Peppermint, a revenge story about a mother who exacts penance from the street gangs that took away her family. "The studio encouraged me to go to the theater and see #PEPPERMINTmovie with an audience -- maybe they thought I would conduct exit polls? 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I learned something about myself on this experiment -- I am a chicken. 🙋🏻‍♀️🐥," she wrote on Instagram, captioning a hilarious video.

There’s no baseball hats or disguises for this charming woman, so she made a meager, comical effort to hide behind her tickets and inside her shirt. “I've never done this before,” she said as she arrived at the theater. "And now I know why." She did have pretty valid reasons for being afraid. As she explained, “And I'm afraid people are going to hate the movie and take pity on me, see me and think I'm just obsessed with myself? Nonetheless, I have tickets."

It’s a little unclear whether she actually sat through the movie, but a viewer can be seen approaching her in the hall to shake her hand and compliment her. “It was amazing,” says the man, and then she quietly asks the camera, “Is it over?” before ducking around a corner to hide. Then, as people are leaving the theater, she can be seen listening in on their conversations and whispering, “Did they like it?”

As TODAY noted, Garner trolled fans a little by insinuating that she might just do it again. “Thank you to everyone who spent their weekend and their hard-earned money with #RileyNorth and me," she wrote in her caption. "If you go this week — you never know — I may be lurking behind a curtain at a theater near you." Well now theaters everywhere are going to have to deal with people checking back there!

It makes sense that Garner would share the movie’s opening with fans, since she has been chronicling a lot of the production on Instagram as well. Everything from the workouts that whipped her back into Alias shape, to fight choreography, to cleaning up fake blood has all made its way to gleeful fans.

Reactions to this latest video are as supportive as they usually are to her posts. “Jen, you’re amazing in every way! No one who knows anything about you, would think that you’re obsessed with yourself. I would have loved to see you in that theatre! Good for you! It’s great to know that you’re in touch with your audience!” wrote one fan. Another posted, “You are a good person, and should be proud of your work and your family!”

Whether or not Garner is lurking in the theater, it seems that Peppermint is performing well in its first week of release. In fact, over the weekend, it placed second in box-office receipts, behind The Nun, according to Box Office Mojo. So, if you go to see it, be sure to keep an eye out — you just may find a shy starlet hiding behind a curtain near you.