Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer Should Host The Golden Globes, Based On This Clip Alone

After presenting together at the Golden Globes, it's pretty obvious that Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence should host the Golden Globes next year. Or the Oscars. Or the Grammys. Or anything. Hell, everything. They are hysterical. The duo's appearance together tonight has been a huge draw for J.Law and Schumer ever since they were nominated in the same category, Best Actress: Schumer for Trainwreck and Lawrence for Joy.

On Sunday, when the duo presented together, viewers could tell that they had fun with it. They made fun of the ways in which the media portrays women, and they even had a hilarious little bit about creating a good nickname for Schumer (similar to J.Law's). Schumer even found a way to squeeze in a two-part joke about having a threesome with the Hemsworth brothers. I mean, that is skill.

As they got a little goofier, you could see just how close the two are IRL. It's not some made-up headline just for fun or some to-do they've had to go along with because they're starring in the same film. They riffed off of each other and made each other laugh. And it was genuine. Sure, it was awkward, but what friendship isn't? They weren't goofing either. Their jokes were pretty good commentary about the way they, especially, are treated in their industry and by the media right now. It was smart. Kind of like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Twitter was kind of all about the two friends taking over hosting duties sometime soon. Move over Tina and Amy, looks like these two are coming for you.

Two super funny and smart women together can be a very good thing. And while Tina and Amy might be the original thing, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence should be the future thing. Because we need more Hemsworth threesome jokes in our lives. Really, really.

Image: Getty Images Entertainment