Jeremy Vuolo Hopes His Baby Will Look Like Jinger Duggar For One Hilarious Reason

by Alana Romain

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are currently awaiting the arrival of their first child together, a daughter due this summer. Like most expectant couples, Jinger and Jeremy are super excited, and they've both gone on record to say that they hope their little one takes after their spouse. But while that might generally just be a sweet thing couples say to one another, in this case, there might be more to it. As beautiful as his wife may be, Jeremy Vuolo hopes his baby will look like Jinger Duggar because, well, he doesn't exactly think he was the cutest baby. And in his latest Instagram post, he's posted photos to prove his point.

Vuolo took to social media to share an adorable photo of his wife as an infant, and in the caption, he attempted to explain exactly why it is that he seems so adamant that his baby girl get her looks. He wrote,

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t prayed that God would let our little baby girl look just like her mama. 'But don’t you want her to share at least *some* of your looks,' you ask? To which I would reply: 'See next picture.'

A quick swipe then reveals a photo of Jeremy as a baby, and well, it does appear that he may have a point. Though he's obviously grown into a pretty good looking man, Jinger does clearly outrank him in terms of infant cuteness, so I can't blame him for being a little concerned. But as many of their fans noted, as funny as the post might be, Jeremy and Jinger's baby will no doubt be completely adorable, and likely a good mix of both of them.

His appearance isn't the only thing he doesn't want his daughter to inherit, though: when Jinger and Jeremy first announced that they were expecting their first child together after 14 months of marriage, Jeremy admitted he wasn't exactly hoping for a mini-me. In a TLC video message, he said,

I am praying that the baby will look like, act like, talk like, be like Jinger, and so I’ve asked everyone else to pray as well. I was a little terror as a child, so I’m hoping that the little one will be as much like Jinger as possible.

Naturally, Jinger gave the compliment right back to her husband, and said she "[hopes] that the baby will be like Jeremy," according to People, adding that "he’s just very kind and gracious." But as anyone who was, well, less-than-angelic as a kid will likely also admit, it can truly feel a bit daunting to consider that you might have passed that onto your own child now that you're the adult who will have to deal with it.

Of course, if Jeremy is actually worried, he likely doesn't need to be. For one, children aren't automatically carbon copies of one parent or the other: as Indiana University psychology and brain sciences assistant professor Brian D'Onofrio, Ph.D. explained to Parents, "both genetic and environmental factors can influence temperament," and so the way you interact with your baby once he or she has arrived can also have a big impact on their personalities and the various traits they develop. But D'Onofrio also noted that, regardless, it's how you respond to your child's temperament that really matters most. He said, "[it's] better to ask yourself, 'Given my child's temperament, her own difficulties and strengths, what can I do best to parent her?'"

It's entirely likely, of course, that Jeremy is just poking fun at his own baby photo, and his post is pretty entertaining. At the same time, waiting for your baby to arrive can definitely allow all sorts of fears and anxieties — no matter how obscure — to flourish. At the very least though, hopefully Jeremy can be comforted by the notion that, even if his daughter ends up looking and acting exactly like him, it will mean he'll be in the privileged position of being able to understand and relate to her better than anyone else. And that actually sounds like a really valuable gift.