Jeremy Vuolo Shared The Sweetest Photo Of Him Spending Some Quality Time With Baby Felicity

When Jinger Duggar welcomed her daughter, Felicity, into the world with husband, Jeremy Vuolo, fans were obviously thrilled. People who watched TLC's 19 Kids & Counting and the current spinoff series, Counting On, have seen Duggar (and her siblings) grow up from teenagers, to married women, and now, new moms. And since Duggar and Vuolo welcomed their daughter, their lives have gotten so much more exciting and busy. Take this new Instagram photo of Jeremy Vuolo studying with baby Felicity, for example. It's even more proof that Vuolo is loving his life as a new parent.

When Duggar gave birth to her daughter on July 19, according to People, her life (and Vuolo's) changed forever. Their family of two became a family of three in just nine short months. Duggar told Us Weekly that she and Vuolo fell in love with their little girl from the moment they met her. "The moment I saw Felicity in Jeremy's arms, I melted," Duggar said. "She is blessed to have such a remarkable father."

Based on the photo that Vuolo posted on Tuesday afternoon, it's clear that he feels the same way, and is getting a hang of the whole parenting thing. In the photo, Felicity lays in her father's arms as they both intently watch a video on Vuolo's computer. Talk about one super focused baby (and dad).

"Look who joined me for OT studies with Dr. Essex...," Vuolo captioned the super cute photo, in which he tagged the religious college, The Master's Seminary — a college when people can earn their master's degrees in studies like biblical ministry, theology, and divinity. It would make sense for Vuolo to continue his religious studies; he is an ordained pastor at Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, after all.

Fans in the comments section of the photo thought that Duggar must have been grateful for Vuolo to take the baby out of her hands. "I see this photo and think — yeah! Mama got to have a shower (or nap)," one commenter wrote. "Those newborn weeks are so rough."

Some people could not get over how invested Felicity seemed in the video. "Cutest student ever!" one fan wrote. "It can't hurt to start religion studies early," another added.

But overall, fans could not get over how calm and happy Felicity looked to be in her dad's arms. "She's daddy's little girl!" one commenter wrote.

"One day she is going to have her daddy wrapped around her fingers...," another commenter predicted.

Although this photo shows that Felicity might already have an early interest in academia (just look at the way she is looking at that computer), this photo does make one thing very clear — Vuolo has multitasking down pat. This is a very valuable skill for Vuolo to have — especially since "multitasking is the key to parenting survival," according to HuffPost. If Vuolo can watch a lecture while holding his daughter, he can definitely do something like change a diaper and talk on the phone at the same time, right?

Duggar told Us Weekly that Vuolo has been super involved — from her labor and delivery with Felicity, where he gave her "encouraging words to press on," to waking up with her for those late night feedings. "I have been so thankful to have so much great help around me, giving me time to rest and recover," Duggar said.

And fans' prediction that Felicity will become a "daddy's girl" might actually come true. In an interview with Us Weekly, Duggar said that Felicity already looks so much like Vuolo. "You should see their baby pictures side-by-side," Duggar said.

With all that said and this newest photos, it sure sounds like Vuolo has been loving life as a dad since day one.