Jeremy Vuolo's Quotes About Fatherhood Show He's So Excited To Welcome His Baby Girl With Jinger

The countdown to Jinger Duggar's impending due date is on. Jinger is presumably just weeks away from welcoming her first child, a girl, with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. It's obviously a very exciting time in her life as she's starting a family of her own and adding to the growing brood of Duggar grandchildren. And it certainly sounds like her husband is just as happy to welcome their daughter. In fact, Jeremy Vuolo's quotes about fatherhood show that he is so ready to become a father soon.

Jinger and Jeremy's journey to parenthood has been super exciting from the start, when they first announced that they were expecting their first child together at the beginning of this year. A few months later, the news got even better after Jinger announced in April that she's pregnant with a girl — becoming the first of her female siblings to give birth to a daughter, according to People. "We could not be more excited and are eagerly anticipating meeting our little lady this summer," the couple told People in a joint statement.

OK, so they're equally ready to become parents. But judging by everything that Jeremy has said about Jinger's pregnancy and becoming a dad on Instagram, you can tell that he is just a little more pumped than his followers about his wife's pregnancy.

On Who He Hopes The Baby Resembles

In a hilarious Instagram post, Jeremy revealed that he prays every night for their baby, but not for reasons you might expect. He apparently prays about his baby's looks and hopes that his daughter favors one half of the couple.

"I'd be lying if I said I haven't prayed that God would let our little baby girl look just like her mama," Jeremy captioned the above photo. "'But don't you want to share at least some of your looks,' you ask? To which I would reply: 'See next picture.'"

If Jeremy is this funny now, it's pretty much guaranteed that he will be great at cracking dad jokes in no time.

Like, He's Super Serious About The Baby Taking After Jinger

And in their pregnancy announcement video, posted to TLC's YouTube account in early January, Jeremy reiterated the fact that he hoped the baby would take after Jinger. Jeremy said:

I am praying that the baby will look like, talk like, act like, and be like Jinger so I have asked everyone else to pray as well. I was a little terror as a child so I'm hoping the little one will be as much like Jinger as possible.

On How He Is So Excited To See Jinger Become A Mom

In a touching Instagram post on Mother's Day, Jeremy expressed how excited he is to see Jinger become a mom to their child in the next few weeks. "Our little girl has no idea how blessed she is to be your child, though I suppose she'll find out soon enough," Jeremy wrote.

On His Reaction To Jinger's Pregnancy

While Jeremy's Instagram posts have been very entertaining throughout Jinger's pregnancy, his reaction to finding out that he and Jinger would be parents was pretty collected. Jeremy detailed this in a video, posted to TLC's YouTube account. Jeremy said:

When Jinger and I found out, we were very thrilled to know that we were parents and that we have a little one on the way.

In the same video, Jeremy stated that he had a feeling Jinger was pregnant with a boy, but "would love to have a little princess." Vuolo got what he wished for — his little girl is just weeks away from her making her debut.