Jeremy Vuolo Had The Best Response To A Troll Criticizing Baby Felicity's Outfit

Now that Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have been parents for five months, they've gotten used to criticism from fans and followers, an unfortunate reality for celebrities. People on Instagram can be ruthless; they're quick to comment whatever pops into their heads without thinking. So it's understandable why the couple would want to fight back. And you have to admire Jeremy Vuolo's response to a troll criticizing baby Felicity's outfit, because he handles the criticism expertly with the perfect amount of dad humor.

There is no denying that Duggar and Vuolo's daughter, Felicity, is absolutely adorable. With every single photo they post of her to their Instagram accounts, you can tell that the little girl is the happiest baby around. Felicity almost always has a smile on her face, and it could be because her parents dress her in the absolute cutest outfits. In almost every photo that her parents share, Felicity is wearing an outfit with a matching head wrap, hat, or bow on top of her head.

But some people have problems with these head wraps. In the past, Duggar has been "mommy shamed" for always having one on her daughter's head, according to CafeMom, and has always taken the high road by simply not responding to the criticism from fans.

But that changed over the weekend.

On Sunday, Vuolo shared a photo of him, holding Felicity while they were dressed in their Sunday's finest. "An afternoon in the garden...," Vuolo captioned the picture, taken at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Both baby and dad look delighted to spend an afternoon together — and Felicity could not look any sweeter with her wide eyes and subtle smile. The photo is so cute, it's almost impossible to find something wrong with it. But one fan did; they thought Felicity's head wrap, with its circular knot, looked more like food than fashion.

"What you got a doughnut wrapped around that kid's head??" the person commented. And without missing a beat, Vuolo replied:

No, but it'd be remarkably convenient if it was.

That's a perfect example of how to handle trolls. Vuolo not only gave a helpful response to the commenter, but he also played along with them, too. His reply was funny and well written. Although it would be convenient for her parents to have a doughnut hiding in her head wrap (for a late afternoon snack, of course), that isn't exactly the case.

But that commenter wasn't the only person curious about Felicity's head wrap.

"Why does this baby always have something on its head? Just for fun?" one fan asked.

"Why does she always have her head covered?" another added.

Although it might be hard for some commenters to believe, it seems to be that Duggar's decision to put headbands and head wraps on her daughter's head is for pure aesthetics. These baby head wraps are a current trend, and are just another accessory, like a bow or a hat. At the end of the day, it's what Duggar and Vuolo choose to dress their daughter in and people should respect their decision.

But, if people are fans of Duggar's style choice, then they're in luck. Vuolo also replied to another commenter on Sunday, who asked where Duggar buys all of Felicity's gorgeous head wraps. As it turns out, Duggar buys the head wraps from Posh Knots, which was started by a mom who felt compelled to help little girls without hair feel more confident in their skin.

Whether people like Felicity's accessories or not, let's all agree that her parents know what's best. And for right now, they want her to sport some cute head wraps, which she seems more than happy to wear.

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