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Jerry O’Connell Teaching His Kids About Music Is A Must Watch Moment For Parents

While schools are great at teaching kids math, reading, and science, there's more to a well-rounded education than just what you learn in the classroom. That's why so many parents are quick to pass on to their children important life lessons that they likely won't be taught in school. In a recent tweet, actor Jerry O'Connell proved he takes his kids' music education seriously and won't be deterred from showing them what "real music" is.

"Teach Your Children," O'Connell wrote Friday in a tweet featuring video footage of him trying to educate his children about what he called "real music." In the clip, the 45-year-old father sings along to Prince's 1984 hit "When Doves Cry" while in the car with his 10-year-old twins Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip. But while O'Connell is clearly having a good time, his daughters are less than enthused with his music lesson.

"Stop," one twin pleads from the front seat while clutching her head. "At least turn it down. Turn it down."

In the back seat, O'Connell's other daughter can be seen holding her hands up as if asking, "why, dad, why" before eventually collapsing dramatically with a drawn out and defeated, "no."

"This is real music," O'Connell can be heard shouting over the song (and his daughters' complaints) in the clip. "This is real music, listen. Listen to it!" he told his twins before he returned to singing along with the music.

After meeting and exchanging numbers at a Maxim Hot 100 pool party in Las Vegas, O'Connell and supermodel Rebecca Romijn were married in 2007, according to People. Twins Dolly and Charlie arrived a year later and since then life has never been quite the same for O'Connell.

The actor has previously joked that life with his twin daughters has caused him to warn friends against becoming parents. "I have a lot of friends who are like 'Hey man, I'm thinking about making the jump and having kids,' and I'm like, ‘Why?’ the Huffington Post reported O'Connell told Ricky Camilleri in 2013 during a chat in the HuffPostLive studio. "No, I mean, my kids are really cute, but they're nuts. And I have girls so they really tell me what to do."

Despite the chaos and bossiness a house full of girls may bring him, one look at O'Connell's Instagram page and it's clear that he enjoys spending time with his girls. "Just a post school Starbuck's gossip sesh," he captioned a recent selfie with his daughters. In another post from late September, O'Connell shared a snap of the whole family enjoying a good scare at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. "CALL CPS!" he joked in the caption. "[At] horrornights with fam!"

As for O'Connell's taste in music? Well, it seems he's been a long-time fan of Prince (and, really, who can blame him?). In fact, in 2016, the actor expressed a desire to dress up as Prince for Halloween. But hopefully, his daughters' music education encompasses Prince's full anthology, including "Purple Rain," "Little Red Corvette," and "Raspberry Beret." As O'Connell said, "this is real music."