Deena Cortese from MTV's Jersey Shore revealed in an Instagram post that her son, CJ, has a foot con...
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Deena From 'Jersey Shore' Shares Candid Post About Why Her Son Can't Wear Shoes

by Casey Suglia

After facing unsolicited parenting advice and comments on Instagram, Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese opened up about her son's foot condition in a new post. The reality TV star shared with her followers that her son, 1-year-old "CJ," has been diagnosed with a common foot deformity that can be corrected with the help of a special leg brace.

On Tuesday, Cortese revealed on Instagram that her son has metatarsus adductus, or MTA — a foot deformity noted at birth that causes the front half of the foot to turn inwards, as Sanford Children's Hospital explains. She decided to open up about his condition because she'd been getting "a lot of messages about CJ's feet, how he walks" and comments from "other mothers ridiculing" her for not putting shoes on him. "He's had it since he was born but we noticed it at 10 months when he started walking," she wrote on Instagram. "The doctor says it's common and we've been on top of it."

"Unfortunately, his right foot has an extreme case and he literally can not get a shoe on," she continued. "That is why CJ isn't in shoes and just socks and booties."

Cortese added that CJ will be getting fitted for night braces to help his condition, but it oftentimes goes away by itself in most children, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Cortese's followers quickly took to the comments to share their support for her and CJ.

"You are an incredible mother," Cortese's Jersey Shore cast mate Jenni "JWoww" Farley wrote. "Always putting CJ first and I know how hard this has been for you. How people choose to 'voice their concern' is a reflection of them. Not you. Keep being the amazing mom you are."

"The same thing happened to me and they said that it's OK and that kids that have this problem become good athletes!" another follower assured her. "No worries."

In addition to opening up about her son's foot condition, Cortese's post also touched on the unsolicited comments and parenting advice she's been getting about CJ and that it "doesn’t make a mother feel great."

"Anything you guys notice about my son I most likely noticed it before anyone else," she wrote. "I just didn't think it was necessary to let anyone know why his feet went the way they do or the reason he's not wearing shoes. I appreciate the concerning messages but maybe come in asking and not telling."

Now that Cortese has opened up about her son's condition and the comments she's been reading through, perhaps followers will think twice before chiming in with their two cents. As she said on Instagram, "You shouldn't call mothers out by telling them what they should do before knowing or asking for facts first."