Jessa Duggar Parenting Quotes Are So Loving

Jessa Seewald, originally part of the 19 and Counting Duggar clan, just had her second baby, and pictures of the youngest Seewald are way too cute. With two little ones in tow now, Jessa and her husband Ben certainly have their hands full — but they clearly have things under control, and Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's parenting quotes prove she's not only nailed motherhood, but that she's ready to take on more anytime.

Ben and Jessa are parents to the adorable Spurgeon Elliot, who is just over a year old now, and Henry Wilberforce, who was born on Feb. 6. "We are so happy to announce the arrival of our sweet second son," Jessa and Ben told People after Henry's birth. "We are so thankful to God for this precious new gift of life and are excited to be a family of four! Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes!"

The family's antics are documented on TLC's Counting On, which follows the lives of Jessa and her sister, Jill Dillard. Jessa's parenting style can be seen on the show, and the Seewald family happenings are documented in several social media posts, but Jessa's parenting quotes also give fans an intimate peek at what she values as a mom.

She's Doing Things Her Own Way

"Spurgeon is still pretty young, but I’m sure that as he continues to grow, I will find that I tend to do some things differently than my mom did," Jessa told Us Weekly in April. She continued:

That’s the beauty of the individual family. No one is identical. ... Every time I come to my mom for advice, she always reminds me that I’ve got this. There’s no pressure to do things just exactly how she did them, but I’m so grateful for all her advice and help. Even when I feel overwhelmed, she’s always there to encourage me and tell me, 'You’re doing a great job!' That gives me the courage to trust my instincts and do what I feel is best for my baby.

On The Magic Of Pregnancy

"One of the most amazing parts of pregnancy has been feeling those tiny (and sometimes powerful) little kicks!" Jessa told her family in the Duggar Family Blog in 2015. "It's seems amazing how we can find ourselves so in love with someone who we've yet to meet face-to-face."

She's Learning From Other Moms

"I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful women and mothers," Jessa said in 2015, according to the Duggar Family Blog, while noting that she wasn't reading too many parenting books. "I often find myself asking questions and taking note of things I respect about the way they parent. I have noticed one close friend, Sierra, how she is always looking for teachable moments. She is purposeful in her parenting and is never too busy to stop what she's doing and take a moment to calmly address a situation."

There's Always Room For More Kids

Jessa wants a big family, and as a parent, she thinks there's always more love to share — especially with those who need it. "It will be a little while since we just had a baby, but adopting and fostering to adopt is very much in our hearts," Jessa told People in February. "My mom always says, ‘Love doesn’t divide, it multiplies.'"

She explained her reasoning to Us Weekly in May, saying:

There are so many kids out there who are longing for the love of a family, and we feel strongly about opening our hearts and our home to welcome them in.

What She Wants For Her Kids

It looks like Jessa's got her heart in the right place. When her family asked her what trait she hoped her kids would inherit, she told the Duggar Family Blog:

Most of all, I hope that our kids will inherit Ben's love for people and his compassionate heart.

On Parents' Responsibility & Learning As She Goes

As is probably true for all kids who eventually become parents, Jessa told People:

You never realize the responsibility of being a parent until you have a baby yourself.

Congratulations to the Seewalds on the new addition to their family! Here's to hoping Jessa has more parenting insights to share as she raises little Henry and Spurgeon.