Jessa Duggar's Best Parenting Tips Show She's A Practical Mom

If you're a Counting On fan who also keeps up with the Duggars via social media, then you might have seen Jill Duggar's recent blog post containing NSFW marital advice. Spoiler alert: It contained mostly patriarchal nonsense about having sex whenever your husband wants it. And isn't it weird that she's doling out advice when she hasn't even been married five years at this point? As pretentious as Jill's "tips" were, I would totally take parenting advice from her sister, Jessa. Because although her oldest is only 3, Jessa Duggar's best parenting tips show she's a practical and imperfect mom — just like the rest of us.

As a refresher, Jessa, 26, is fifth in line when it comes to the Duggar sibling lineup. She married to Ben Seewald, and they now have three children: Spurgeon, 3, Henry, 2, and newborn Ivy.

Granted, I have personal issues with the way Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have raised their 19 children — howecer, I'm actually loving Jessa's approach to motherhood. Because if you follow her on Instagram, you'll find that she's incredibly practical. At the same time, though, she isn't afraid to show her imperfections. And I have a feeling her "advice" when it comes to taking care of kids would make sense to a lot of parents. Such as ...

Life With Kids Is Messy, Ya'll, & That's OK

Jessa might have gotten some serious flak about her post sharing the messy realities of having two young children. But I know I appreciated her honesty. "This is real life, y'all. 😆❤ *swipe left to see more pics of my house today in all its shining glory*," she wrote on Instagram. If you keep swiping, you'll find photos of six loads of (clean) laundry piled on the guest bed, an impressive pile of used diapers, dried spit up on their bed, a dusty side table, a sink full of unwashed dishes, and more. How refreshing to see it's not just my house that can look like a tornado just hit.

There's No Shame In Bribing Kids To Use The Potty

Jessa started potty training her oldest, Spurgeon, in March, according to Good Housekeeping. At the time, she shared a video of her 3-year-old showing off his new underwear, as well as his reward if he manages to "go" in the potty: Nerds. Because let's face it, little kids usually need some sort of incentive to poop and pee in the toilet — other than that's what they're supposed to do.

Baby Carriers Are Life Savers If You Have Multiple Children

Not long after Henry was born, Jessa opened up about how she was adjusting to life as a mom of two. She opened up on Counting On about their typical routine — and she also sang the praises of one particular baby gear item. "I love my baby carrier," she said. "I think that's one of the best gifts that I received. I can put Henry in the baby carrier, and then be able to still carry around Spurgeon some and care for him easier." As a mom of four, I have to say that I wouldn't know what to do without my baby carrier!

Don't Be Afraid To Head Off The Internet Trolls

Jessa has been mom-shamed in the past for allowing her boys to play outside without wearing shoes. So what does she do? She continues posting photos of her barefoot boys and simply beats the trolls to it. "Farm truck beds are for exploring. 👦🏻👦🏼 They spent 20 min picking up every little pebble they could find and throwing them out into the yard. 😄 Thought these pics of the bros were too sweet not to share! 💙💙," Jessa captioned a photo of Spurgeon and Henry having the time of their lives. "P.S. Yes, we’re barefoot, and we kept away from the roll of barbed wire, and he didn’t get to keep the prized nail that he found. 😂 There. Beat ya to it." Yass, girl. Get it!

Used Toys & Random Household Items Make The Best Toys

Why spend a ton of money on a bunch of new toys, when you can buy equally amazing toys at the thrift store? Or better yet, your own kitchen? "$14 worth of thrift store finds that will occupy them for endless hours! 😍," Jessa wrote alongside a photo of her boys playing outside. "Backhoe, firetruck, loader, dump truck, and two kitchen ladles. 😄." Again, as a mom of four, I know used toys, kitchen tools, and cardboard boxes are where it's at.