Jessa Duggar’s Funniest Mom Instagrams Aren't Afraid To Go There

With the arrival of Jessa Duggar’s third child in May, fans are kind of obsessed with her social media at the moment. The Counting On star welcomed her and husband Ben Duggar’s newest family addition, Ivy Jane, on May 26 at the couple’s home in Arkansas. In an Instagram post, Duggar shared that the third-time parents are “over the moon” with their newest addition. But this isn’t the first time Duggar has posted about motherhood in social media. And if you're a fan of the reality star, then you've probably caught a few Jessa Duggar’s funniest mom Instagrams. Those posts have gotten real about motherhood, joked about adult responsibilities, and shared everyday moments from her life with incredible humor.

Shortly after Spurgeon's arrival in November 2015, Jessa got seriously real about parenthood. "Jessa You never realize the responsibility of being a parent until you have a baby yourself," she told People. And although this might sound a little heavy, Jessa's Instagram posts are anything but. They always employ the right dose of hilarity, fun, and honesty.

Take the time when Jessa shared a photo of her son, Henry, covered head to toe in mud. Instead of venting about the incident, she cheekily captioned the shot: "Good clean fun." Ha!

Luckily for fans, this isn't the only time the Counting On star has been the master of jokes. Without further ado, here are Jessa Duggar’s funniest mom Instagrams.

The Time When She Got Honest About Entertaining Her Little Ones

Duggar made a very valid point in an Instagram photo of her two eldest last December, commenting on her post of Spurgeon Elliot and Henry Wilberforce, “When you take your kids to a fabulous playground, and they spend 99% of their time doing things they could do in their own backyard...” The photo shows Ivy Jane’s to older brother’s sitting on a park bench with smiles on their faces, which is funny considering there was probably plenty of other stuff to do. That's kids, for you.

When Duggar Showed Us The Glories Of Teething Toddlers

In a post that attracted over 330,000 views and countless comments from other mothers, Duggar showed her fans what it’s like to have a teething toddler. The video, posted in May 2018, shows Henry at 14 months old repeatedly blowing bubbles with his drool. “Henry had us rolling on the floor laughing last night,” Duggar posted last night. Other mothers chimed in, “My little one does this too but he mesmerizes himself with it. He just goes into a daze blowing bubbles over and over.” “Love it, my son just started doing the same thing!” another mother commented.

What It’s Like Taking Photos With Toddlers

Duggar jokingly shared with her fans the difficulties of taking family photos with two young ones in tow. “’Let's get a picture before church! Spurgeon, here, give me that — you can finish your kefir in a sec,’" the post began. "Then: tears. Well it kinda defeats the purpose of taking a pic if someone's crying.”

The series of photos, posted in October 2017, show poor Ben attempting to assuage Spurgeon, who is crying in the frame, with a milk bottle as Henry laughs at the camera. The final two photos show father Ben wide-eyed, staring helplessly, before finally taking one successful photograph with three smiling faces.

When Slurping Spaghetti Warrants Safety Measures

The hilarious video shows her eldest child slurping spaghetti with sauce stains on his mouth and hands.

You love spaghetti don’t you,” Duggar is heard saying to Sturgeon in a video shared to Instagram. “So good you had to take your shirt off to eat it." Aww.

Henry On The Weekend

Henry is for sure an expressive little guy, so much so that he wears his emotions on his sleeve. Case in point: In this video from Jessa, the toddler seems none too pleased that he has to wake up from his nap.

"If this isn’t Monday, I don’t know what is," she captioned the clip of a whining Henry. Clever, Jess.