Jessa Duggar's Kid Art Activity Using Amazon Packaging Is Super Creative

When you grow up in a family that includes 18 other siblings, you tend to learn a thing or two about being frugal. Consignment stores and thrift shops are the go-to places for gently-used clothing, furniture, and toys. Grocery stores like Aldi are perfect for loading up four carts full of food staples without breaking the bank. Homemade laundry detergent is where it's at. Well, it looks like Michelle and Jim Bob's money lessons rubbed off on at least one of their adult children. Because Jessa Duggar's kid art activity using Amazon packaging is super creative.

In case you've lost count, Jessa and Ben Seewald have three children: Spurgeon, 3, Henry, 2, and Ivy, who was born in May. Clearly, the Counting On stars are just a tad bit busy at the moment caring for three kids ages 3 and under. But that hasn't stopped them from coming up with creative ways to keep their rambunctious boys busy.

On Saturday, Aug. 31, Jessa took to Instagram to share how she cleverly re-purposed something most of us probably have in our homes on a regular basis: Amazon packaging.

"In the words of Rocky from Paw Patrol, 'Don’t lose it, reuse it!'" she captioned a series of photos of Spurgeon, Henry, and their newest creation. "We used the brown paper that came wadded up in our Amazon box to draw their outlines, and then Daddy sketched in cloaks, swords and shields. Henry got an eagle on his armor, and Spurgeon got a dragon."

Jessa continued:

The boys were so excited, and wanted to hang the pictures in their room. Sometimes the simple (and free) things in life can be the most fun.

Leave it to a Duggar to find a frugal but fun way to entertain kids, right? Many fellow parents took this as an opportunity to share ways they repurpose their amazon boxes and packaging. One Instagram user wrote, "And the box can be a race car or rocket or fire truck. My boys draw on theirs and then paint them with tempura paint."

Another person commented, "We do this too! We also trace the kids with their arms stretched out and have them color themselves in. Then we mail it to a relative in another state so we can say we sent a hug!"

Yet another Instagram follower chimed in with, "I use the paper for wrapping gifts. I jazz it up with some twine and a bow. I have a ton of glass beads kicking around from my crafting days so I add those too!! It so simple and pretty!"

It seems Jessa has found a variety of engaging ways to keep her kiddos entertained these days. She recently shared photos and a video of her sons helping to make pancakes, according to In Touch Weekly.

Not to mention, Jessa shared a video of Spurgeon practicing a hymn, Inquisitr reported. Just listen to Spurgeon's angelic voice!

When all else fails, cuddles with baby sister Ivy are a great way to pass the time, too.

Clearly, Jessa is already a pro at this whole parenting business. Between teaching her kids with music, allowing them to get hands-on in the kitchen, and encouraging their creativity through art — and with the help of re-purposed Amazon packaging — Jessa's mom skills are enviable. In fact, I think I just might borrow her creative art project the next time I get an Amazon delivery. And let's be honest, with Amazon Prime, that's never too far away.