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Jessica Alba & Her Daughter Go To Therapy Together For A Truly Inspiring Reason

by Rachel Spalding and Kaitlin Kimont

Isn't it always so nice when you find out that someone actually practices what they preach? This celebrity is the founder of a ginormous kid's wellness company, and it turns out, she values health and emotional wellness in her own home, too. It was revealed this week that Jessica Alba and her daughter go to therapy together for a truly inspiring reason.

As Us Weekly reported, the founder of the Honest Company (makers of my fave patterned diapers ever) told the crowd while attending a media conference that she and oldest daughter, Honor, have been attending counseling together. Because of some huge problem between them, you might ask? No, not at all, according to Alba.

“[I wanted to] learn to be a better mother to [Honor] and communicate better with her,” Us quoted Alba as noting during the Los Angeles session of Her Campus Media’s eighth annual Her Conference over the weekend, an annual gathering for college women planning out their professional paths.

“Some people think, like in my family, you talk to a priest and that’s it," Alba added. "... I didn’t grow up in an environment where you talked about this stuff, and it was just like shut it down and keep it moving, so I find a lot of inspiration just in talking to my kids.”

I just love this. While many in the public eye are just interested in looking good, Alba has always been honest and relatable about juggling a big career and a family (her publicizing the fact that she can't do everything she does without a nanny as her co-captain come to mind).

Just as tons of moms felt recreated by Alba's admission that no mom can go it alone, now she seems intent on destigmatizing the idea of focusing on your family's mental wellness and communication patterns.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Honor is almost 11, and is Alba's oldest child. So it makes sense that this busy-but-always doing-her-best mom would want to get some coaching and work with a therapist on making sure the two are communicating.

Because, let me tell you, 11 is a tough age. Maybe it wasn't always this way, but today's 10-year-olds can be full-on 'tweens. It's jarring when you have your first brush with the sudden transition from sweet, cute elementary schooler to on-the-verge-of-older kid who starts talking about all sorts of stuff they picked up on the playground.

I'm pretty sure I'm right about what Alba is going through, adjusting to having your first kid start growing up, and not just because it happened to me as a mom of three just like Jess. (The star also has Haven, 7, and Hayes, 17 months, with hubby Cash Warren, as Us confirmed.)

As E! News quoted Alba as recently joking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, "I'm just not emotionally ready for a preteen or a tween or whatever, like hormones and crushes...I don't encourage drama, so I'm like, 'Honor, it's not appropriate for you to have a boyfriend. It doesn't even make sense. You're in fifth grade, like where are you gonna go?'"

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Good for Alba in getting some assistance in this transition, especially since therapy can be effective in helping improve your parenting. It's challenging to be a good mom even in the best of circumstances, let alone when you have other kids and a career competing for your time.

I'm glad Alba is always one to get real about her life, and inspire others to reach out and get help or better themselves as people in order to be awesome parents. This really does make her a role model.