'Jessica Jones' Is The New Netflix Series, & Viewer Reactions Are Mixed

by Keiko Zoll

On Friday Netflix premiered its newest original series, Jessica Jones, the first on-screen adaptation of the lesser-known Marvel superhero on Friday. The Netflix original series tells the story of the titular Jessica Jones, a former superhero turned private detective. She's played by a very brooding Krysten Ritter, whom you may recognize from her role as Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend on Breaking Bad or as the party girl Chloe from ABC's short-lived comedy, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. She's joined by actor Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Jessica's sometimes on-again-off-again lover and partner in fighting crime. Jessica spars off with Kilgrave, played by the ever-dashing David Tennant (of Doctor Who fame), a menacing force from her past with creepy mind-control powers.

Critics are loving Ritter's PTSD-affected portrayal and the show's particularly dark themes: the first season of the show has tackled everything from PTSD and trauma survival to the first realistic telling of an abortion story on TV. Netflix has also been praised for its commitment to giving female protagonists the television spotlight (think Orange is the New Black), and, in a field so frequently crowded with male superheroes in capes and tights, it's a nice chance of pace to have an empowered woman wearing practical clothes and sensible footwear at the helm of a superhero tale for once.

While Jessica Jones currently has an 81% positive rating on Metacritic, fan reactions have been mixed since Friday's premiere. The consensus seems to be you either love Jessica Jones or you hate her, with very little middle room in between. On the one hand, you have tweets like this:

On the other hand, you'll find a less enthusiastic response:

It only gets more divisive from there. When you search for "Jessica Jones" on Twitter, you're immediately prompted with a suggested search string: "Jessica Jones boring."

But then again:

Don't sweat all the hate, Jessica. We still love you and we can't wait for Season 2.