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Jessica Simpson's Daughter Birdie Isn't Thrilled Her Dad Is Now 40

Jessica Simpson welcomed her adorable daughter, Birdie, into the world in March. Simpson's youngest child has experienced plenty of fun milestones since then, including her first smile and pool day, to name a few examples. But one milestone Jessica Simpson's daughter Birdie isn't too thrilled about? It seems as if Birdie is upset her dad, Eric Johnson, has turned 40. Want some proof? Look no further than this hilarious family pic.

Simpson is known for throwing lavish birthday parties, whether it's a Lakers-themed bash for her 6-year-old son, Ace, or a Greatest Showman-inspired party for her 7-year-old daughter, Maxwell. Mama likes to go all out, which is why it's kind of surprising she opted for a small family gathering to ring in Johnson's 40th. Not to say it wasn't cute, of course.

Simpson shared a photo of the intimate get together on Monday, which shows the family huddled around a sheet cake. And although Maxwell and Ace seem pleased to be there, Birdie didn't seem so happy. Exhibit A: her tear-stained face. "Not everyone’s all smiles about dad turning 40," the designer captioned the hysterical shot.

It's not clear why Birdie is upset, but what is obvious? Fans think the baby is incredibly adorable.

One person said: "Birdie is having NONE of it!! So cute."

"That’s exactly how I felt about turning 40!" someone else joked.

One fan chimed in, "What a darling family."

Simpson made up for Birdie's sour mood (she's a baby, who can blame her?) with a gushing tribute to Johnson on Instagram. "Happy 40th Birthday to the man of my dreams," she captioned a beautiful shot of the two. "I pray in every lifetime I find you and we re-create the beauty of what we have again and again. My hero, champion, best friend, lover, and daddy to our babies...I could never have hoped for more. I love you. Let’s celebrate."

The mom-of-three hasn't revealed whether she intends to throw Johnson an even bigger party, but chances are she might forgo it this year given how busy the family is these days. “Three kids is no joke," she told People in July. "It is definitely constant, and the biggest challenge for me is trying to be present when I am pulled in so many directions. They are all in such different phases now.”

But no matter how busy Johnson and Simpson might get, they always find a moment to enjoy one another's company.

“We typically download a movie and order dinner or do something super low-key to just connect,” she told the outlet. “Eric is the greatest motivator and connecting with him on morning walks is the most grounding part of my day.”

Speaking of quality time, Birdie gets a lot of that as the youngest of three kids. "While the other 2 kiddos are off at school, this little lady and I snuggle a lot," Simpson captioned a sweet shot of the mother-daughter duo on Sept. 10.

I can't say for certain, but maybe baby Birdie needs a little more mommy and me time to cheer up. And to Johnson: There's nothing wrong with turning 40! HBD!