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Moms Are Loving Jessica Simpson's Photo Of This Relatable Postpartum Struggle

The months after delivery aren't always the most glamorous, a sentiment Jessica Simpson's honest post about her postpartum "rubber corset" highlights perfectly. Many parents are thrilled that the mom, who just gave birth to her third child in March, is approaching postpartum life with a hilarious sense of candor.

Before Simpson gave birth to her youngest daughter, Birdie Mae, in March, she shared a hysterical Instagram post about her third trimester pregnancy blues.

"Jess-tation," she captioned the bikini-clad picture of herself.

The post received upwards of 305,000 likes, proving that parents really resonate with Simpson's ability to poke fun at herself, even when she's not in the mood.

Simpson showed off this trait on Thursday, when she joked about working out in a rubber corset.

"Just stretching it out in my rubber corset," she wrote. "The joy of postpartum."

Ha! From Simpson's defeated pose to her sarcasm, this post is pretty much everything and then some.

As for parents, they commended Simpson for always keeping it real.

One person wrote: "I literally love your honesty, momma!

"Love your realness and honesty," someone else said.

Another fan commented with a Legally Blonde reference, joking: "Now this is what Elle really meant when she said bend and snap!"

"Love that you always keep it real!!" a supporter said. "Refreshing."

From the jump, Simpson has always been forthcoming about her pregnancies and parenting.

Take Simpson's candor about her surprise pregnancy, for instance, a topic she opened up about to Entertainment Tonight in October 2018.

“I thought about [having another baby], but I didn’t really know that it could actually happen,” she admitted. “We definitely always love to practice. We actually weren’t practicing very much that month so I don’t understand. We try [to figure it out]. This might be a miracle baby.”

But while many people appreciate the designer's honesty, her husband, Eric Johnson, thinks she could cut back a bit. Apparently, Simpson was too forthcoming when talking about the pregnancy with her two kiddos, Maxwell and Ace.

“They ask me the craziest questions that I can’t say on TV,” she joked. “I’m a little bit too honest, and Eric’s like, ‘I don’t think we need to give out ALL the information, Jessica,’ So, I’m scaring my kids, I think.”

In all seriousness though, Simpson is handling her new addition like a pro, especially given that she's recovering from a C-section.

“I think we all get so carried away with the excitement of having a new baby that we forget that we are going in for major surgery,” she said, according to Us Weekly. “Then on top of that, we get home from the hospital, have to recover from the surgery, balance our new life as a parent to three kids and be a wife.”

Of course, there's going to be some ups and downs as Simpson navigates this chapter. But no matter what happens, I think it's safe to say the mom will handle whatever life throws her way with honesty and humor, rubber corset and all.