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Jessica Simpson's Newest Photo Of Birdie Is Incredibly Sweet

It's been a few weeks since Jessica Simpson gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Birdie Mae. And the best news is, she is now finally sharing this part of her life with her fans, as of Sunday. People on Instagram are loving Jessica Simpson's newest photo of Birdie, since it is basically the sweetest thing ever.

On March 20, Simpson and her husband, former football player, Eric Johnson welcomed their third child into the world, according to Women's Health. Their two children — 7-year-old daughter, Maxwell Drew; and 5-year-old son Ace Knute, became a big sister and big brother, respectively. It was probably a relief for Simpson to give birth a month ago — in her daughter's birth announcement she revealed that Birdie weighed 10 pounds and 13 ounces. That's super impressive.

In the weeks since Birdie's birth, Simpson has been taking the time to soak up every second with her newborn baby girl. She's only posted slight glimpses of her baby, refusing to give too much away.

But on Easter Sunday, Simpson finally decided to share her little girl with the rest of the world. In three photos posted to her Instagram account, Birdie can be seen for the first time wearing a headband and the cutest floral dress — and she is so adorable.

"Happy Easter from the Johnson family, part of five!," Simpson wrote in the caption of the Instagram post.

The entire family looks so coordinated for their Easter celebrations. They look like the epitome of spring, and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. I don't think any Easter family photo can compete with this.

In the following two photos, also shared to Simpson's Instagram account, Birdie's face can be seen for the first time (this is huge), sleeping peacefully in her bassinet and posing next to her older sister. Birdie's sweet chubby cheeks, head full of hair, and peaceful demeanor make her seem like such an angelic baby.

Seriously, Simpson's little girl can not be any cuter.

Most importantly, Simpson's fans can't get over how stinkin' sweet her little girl (and family) is.

"Give me those cheeks!," one commenter wrote.

"Oh my goodness, she's divine," another commenter added.

"Birdie birdie gives baby fever," another commenter perfectly stated.

How could you not want to start a family after seeing how cute she is ?You can just sense how happy the family is with Birdie in their lives.

And Simpson definitely relied on her little family for the first few weeks after she delivered Birdie through a Cesarean section late last month. In early April, Simpson revealed on Instagram that her recovery had been hard on her, so she was relying on her family for support, according to Us Weekly.

"Recovering from a C-section is no joke!," she wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. "I'm feeling thankful for these two older siblings looking over their new baby sister."

Considering how happy the older siblings look in this new family photo, her two children have no problem with giving a little love to their new sibling. They seem like such a happy family together and these brand new photos (with Birdie in them) highlight that.