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Jessica Simpson Shared An Adorable New Photo Of Big Bro Ace Holding Baby Birdie

When Jessica Simpson gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Birdie, back in March, her fans couldn't wait to get glimpses of this new chapter of her life. And since then, the proud mama has not disappointed — her little family is adorable. Just recently, Jessica Simpson shared a photo of baby Birdie being held by her big brother, Ace. And guys, he looks so proud.

The 3-month-old is basically the star of Simpson's Instagram account lately and she is winning over the hearts of everyone, including her siblings, of course. Simpson's newest Instagram post on Tuesday proved just that. In the photo, her 5-year-old son, Ace, can be seen holding up Birdie, with an extreme look of happiness on his face. There is a huge moment of pride that comes with being able to hold your little sibling all on your own, and that came across in Simpson's photo. Her only son could not look any happier to be holding his little sister.

But Birdie... well, she doesn't seem as enthused. The expression on her face is one of confusion and apprehension, but it's still adorable, nonetheless.

Even Simpson understands how cute the photo is, choosing to not use a caption to describe the adorable moment between the two siblings. I mean, the photo really does speak for itself.

Even Simpson's followers can't get over how sweet the photo is.

"He looks so pleased with himself, but his sister isn't so sure," one follower wrote.

"She's like 'MOMMMM how dare you hand me to him!'" another imagined.

"Her face OMG," one more added. "Be glad you only have one brother Birdie lol."

They have a point — Birdie's expression looks a lot different when she's being held by her different siblings. One week ago, Simpson shared a photo of her 7-year-old daughter, Maxwell Drew, holding Birdie to Instagram. In the picture, Birdie looks so serene and a lot less confused than she does in her brother's arms. This only highlights how different the relationship between siblings can be — and this is something that Simpson will see throughout their entire relationship for the rest of their lives.

But it's a little unclear how well Birdie gets along with her big siblings. Over the past three months, since she gave birth to her daughter in March, Simpson hasn't revealed too much about her life as a mom of three, choosing to share photos of her super cute family to Instagram instead.

But, Simpson has taken a break out of her busy life to talk about her new family. In April, she admitted to People that having three children under the age of seven is a bit of a struggle. "Three is challenging," she said. "We are trying to get into the groove and make sure all three kids are getting equal attention...it's more than a full-time job right now."

In spite of the hardships, Simpson told People that their new addition has made her world so much better. "[Birdie] makes our family complete," she said. "Someone once told me to keep in mind that everything is a phase with infants and kids...trying to remember that fact, and celebrate the small victories."

Simpson clearly has been doing just that on Instagram. Between sharing photos of her impressive breast milk stash, to her son holding her daughter all on his own, there have been so many victories for Simpson to celebrate.