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These 7 Honest Quotes From Jessie James Decker On Motherhood Will Make You Love Her Even More

Some celebrities seem like they could easily be one of your close friends and that’s just the feeling fans get when they hear country singer Jessie James Decker's most honest quotes about motherhood. The singer and reality TV star has gone on record on multiple occasions to talk about her kids, parenting, and how she and husband Eric Decker balance two full-time careers (he’s in the NFL), three young kids, and a TV show. And she’s always made it clear that family comes first, even on those super challenging days.

The Deckers just welcomed their second son, Forrest, who was born on March 31 this year. And just a few weeks later, Decker just about broke the internet when she took to her Instagram to share an honest look at her postpartum body three weeks after giving birth. In the post, she urged fellow new moms not to stress over getting their pre-baby body back so fast, but to enjoy this special time with their newborn, which really does go by so fast. "These are beautiful moments and memories you will cherish forever," the singer captioned the photo.

That wasn't the first time she's shared post-pregnancy reality. After the birth of her first son she also posted on Instagram to show off her hard-earned pooch and C-section scar. And her quotes on motherhood are just as real and refreshing.

1. On Living In The Moment

Just a few weeks after giving birth, Decker turned 30 and posted a photo at her birthday party. But it’s far from the dressed-up glamour you might see at some other celebrity parties. In the above photo, she's wearing a crown and a plaid button up as she breastfeeds her new son. She wrote:

Never did I imagine I would be celebrating my 30th birthday with my new born on the boob who wanted to feast at that very moment lol ... So grateful for my family and friends and where I’m at in my life and will never take it for granted

2. On Bonding With Her Babies

Having a baby has made Decker want to focus her energy on her brood, so fans may see her pull back a bit now that Forrest has been born. Last year, after signing on for a third season of their reality show Eric & Jessie, Decker spoke to People about her reaction to the birth of her daughter, Vivianne. “I just remember lying in the hospital bed looking at her and going ‘I’m going to keep you so safe. I want to have this time alone.” She declined to press on with filming for Season 3 of their show, explaining, “I just wanted to have those previous moments away from everything. I went into hibernation, as you should as a new mommy.”

3. On Wanting To Make Her Kids Proud

Once she’s had her alone time, though, Decker is ready to channel the energy of her family and get back to work. She spoke with KTLA TV in Los Angeles about the work/life balance and how her kids inspire her. She said:

I feel like [family is] such a blessing and like the good energy just keeps coming through and I feel like I almost work harder and am more appreciative and grateful for my music career. It’s like I have something to live for even more and I want to make my kids proud.

4. On How Parenting Is A Team Effort

But a successful career is really hard for any mom, especially if they don’t have a supportive partner. And Decker has been vocal about her appreciation for her husband Eric. In 2015, for instance, before the birth of her second child, Parents magazine asked Decker what their plan was for managing two little ones. “At first we’ll probably divide and conquer,” she told the publication. “I’ll be taking care of the newborn and Eric will be hitting up the playground with Vivi to burn off her energy. It will be great. He and I always seem to figure it out.”

5. On Juggling Her Career & Motherhood

Having the flexibility of her husband’s schedule frees Decker up to follow some of her dreams. But a career as a musician means there are times when she has to be away. Decker told E! News that with young kids those are some of the most difficult days.

“The hardest part is when I have to go out of town or go on trips for work and having to explain to Vivi that mommy has to leave for work," she told E! News. "I'm fortunate that I don't have to go to a consistent job every day that takes me away all day long, but the hard part is having to leave out of town for chunks of time."

6. On How Her Own Mom Is Her Motherhood Coach

She also told E! News that it’s her own mother who has given her the skills she needs to raise her little ones. “The one thing I learned from [my mom] is how to be the best mom I can be,” she said, then went on to say that even as an adult she hasn’t stopped learning from her own mother:

She still teaches me her tips and tricks for managing life as a mom and how to keep my babies happy. So far, I know I know I'm doing a great job and have made mama proud. I have the happiest most confident babies, and I know it's because they feel that strong love from their parents.

7. On How It's All Worth It

In the end though, the country star finds that every bit of good and bad is totally worth it for the blessing that is motherhood. She recently posted a photo with her new baby snuggled up to her neck, makeup free and looking a teensy bit tired, but so full of joy. “So in love and maybe a little bit sleepy, but all worth it,” she said.

There's a reason fans love this family; they keep such solid perspective in the middle of not just one, but two tough and demanding careers. And it's so refreshing when they take a moment to share those heartwarming and totally relatable parenting moments.

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