Jill Duggar Made Her Followers All Hot & Bothered With Her 5-Year Anniversary Post

Jill Duggar and her husband of five years, Derick Dillard, are parents to two kids and recently revealed they're still finding ways of keeping the spark alive. This weekend, the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary and seemed to have a lot of fun while doing so. How can fans tell? Because Jill Duggar's anniversary post featured a Kama Sutra book in the background, and, well, it has her followers all sorts of hot and bothered.

Jill and Derick had a romantic weekend without their kids to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Jill revealed on Instagram that they jetted off to Branson, Missouri, where they stayed at a bed and breakfast, went out to dinners, and watched the new Toy Story film. It also seems like the couple also really enjoyed each other's company by playing some intimate games from the Dating Divas and reading the Kama Sutra, the "classic guide" to lovemaking.

This clear display of intimacy seemed a little out of the ordinary for Jill, or any member of the Duggar brood, whose family is known for their conservative religious values that don't allow kissing, hugging, or physical contact before marriage. As such, fans of the couple are kind of freaking out to see Jill sharing details of their love life so openly.

"No offense to y'all but I don't want to know what goes on in between the sheets!," one follower commented. "Please keep it PG remember you were raised a Christian."

"Whoa," another added. "I don't consider myself to be a prude, but I also don't think we need to know about your bedroom games. Waaaaay TMI, Jill."

Not everyone had that kind of response though; in fact, others are defending the couple. After all, a couple has the right to enjoy each other without their kids on a romantic weekend alone.

"Surprise, a married couple has sex," one commenter wrote. "Y'all are killing me in these comments. Come on."

"Woohoo I love to see that you're keeping the spark alive with that little book," another commenter stated.

Although it might be surprising to see a Duggar so open about their sex life, this wouldn't be the first time they've done so. Despite their conservative values, the Duggar family has often emphasized how important sex is for married couples.

In 2015, Michelle Duggar (Jill's mom) wrote a blog post in which she advised that wives be "joyfully available" to their husbands so they can meet that special need in their lives for intimacy. "While I am always joyfully available for him, in turn, he'll lay down his life in any way," Michelle wrote.

Even Jill has given her own intimacy advice. In a blog post earlier this month, Jill gave tips to keeping the spark alive in marriage, and told her readers to "have sex often" (like three to four times a week)... Let your spouse know that you're always available," Jill wrote. "Guard against fulfilling sexual desires alone. Be open with your spouse about your desires and change things up to keep it exciting!"

Jill's post may have left some fans hot and bothered, but as many pointed out, it's natural for them to be romantic with each other —  especially on their five year wedding anniversary. And who knows, perhaps Jill will share another blog touching on this steamy Instagram post.