Jimmy Fallon, Now WFH Dad, Hilariously Struggled To Host 'The Tonight Show' From Home

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, a wide number of companies have asked employees to work remotely. As a result, parents like comedian and late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon are learning just how much of an absolute struggle working from home can be when you have young children in the house. In fact, as Jimmy Fallon hosted The Tonight Show from home, he fended off repeated interruptions from his adorable daughters.

After shutting down production in an effort to help limit the spread of coronavirus, Fallon decided to bring The Tonight Show home. "This is The Tonight Show: Home Edition, I guess you could call it," Fallon said in an episode released online late Tuesday. "We really don't know what this is but I wanted to put something out there for you guys so that we can just have some levity in these bizarre times."

In lieu of a crew, house band, and guests, Fallon had his wife, Nancy Juvonen, serve as camera operator, his dog Gary serve as his first guest, and daughters Winnie and Frances serve as both his graphics team and band. While things begin well, with Fallon's 5-year-old daughter Frances playing a quick musical intro on piano, the talk show host quickly finds it can be difficult to get a whole lot of work done with two kids and a dog running around underfoot.

When Frances starts to talk off-camera less than a minute into the episode, Fallon attempts to give her another job. "Franny, do you want to play the drums?" he asked the 5-year-old.

"No," she responded, her arms around Gary's neck.

Later, Franny interrupts her dad again to tell him that she "wants to play the Incredible game," prompting Fallon to issue a response any parent is likely to immediately recognize.

"I know, let me just do this and then we'll play, OK?" the comedian told his daughter. He then attempted to keep her distracted and occupied by asking her to draw him something.

"No!" she protested before yelling for Gary to follow her out of the room via slide. (Yes, that's right. Fallon has a slide inside his house.) When Franny's voice can still be heard from the other room, Fallon issued a frustrated, but polite, plea for quiet.

You can check out the first episode of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition on YouTube or jam out on Instagram to Fallon's "Wash Your Hands" song, which he wrote to encourage his two daughters to practice proper hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic.

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