Courtesy of Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's Just Unveiled A Contest To Give One Winner Up To $250K For A New House

When Jimmy John's moved to limit their delivery areas to a radius of up to five minutes away from any of their stores, many hungry fans found themselves locked out of the sandwich chain's delivery zone. And while the company isn't willing to compromise it's commitment to freshness, it is willing to make one lucky fan at home in the zone. In fact, Jimmy John's "Home in the Zone" contest will give one winner up to $250,000 to use toward purchasing a new home within the company's delivery zone.

"At Jimmy John's, we're committed to Freaky Fast and Freaky Fresh," John Shea, the company's chief marketing officer, recently said in a statement. "While that means we can't deliver sandwiches to our customers who live outside of our delivery zones, we can deliver our customers to our sandwiches.

To enter, sandwich fans should head to between now and Oct. 4, where they'll be asked to explain why they want to move into a Jimmy John's sandwich delivery zone. According to the contest's official rules, up to 500 submissions will be chosen at random to progress to the competition's "Submission Review, Evaluation & Judging" section. Those 500 submissions will then be reviewed to confirm eligibility before a judging panel evaluates them and selects 10 finalists based on the persuasiveness, uniqueness and articulateness of their essays.

Finalists should expect to be interviewed by the judging panel, which will ultimately select one winner based on overall enthusiasm, ability clearly communicate their home purchase plan and think quickly under pressure, as well as the feasibility of their home purchase-related plan. The winner will be notified on or around Nov. 20 and must close on their home purchase within four months of executing the "Prize Acceptance Form," according to the contest's official rules. But don't expect to be handed a personal check; according to Jimmy John's, the prize money will be transferred directly to a closing agent per an industry-standard home purchase contract.

A press release promoting the "Home in the Zone" contest notes that Jimmy John's currently as more than 2,800 delivery zones spread across the country and only those who currently live outside one of those zones are eligible for entry. You can quickly check to see if you're current home falls inside, or outside, a Jimmy John's delivery zone by entering your address here.

Of course, it's important to note that participants must be willing to relocate to a Jimmy John's delivery zone. Meaning anyone who enters and lives in a state that does not currently have a Jimmy John's, must be willing to relocate to a state that does. And while moving can be a hassle, Jimmy John's has argued that the freshness of their sandwiches makes moving into a delivery zone well worth it.

"We're consistently faster, fresher, and a better value than any other delivery service," Shea said. "With our 'Home in the Zone' Contest, we're looking forward to rewarding one of our customers with the opportunity to move into a delivery zone so they can experience the service that Jimmy John's offers."

So, will you be Jimmy John's lucky winner?