Watch These Kids Fall In Love On Jimmy Kimmel's 'Baby Bachelor In Paradise'

Summer may be coming to a close, but summer love still has a shot. The world premiere of Jimmy Kimmel's Baby Bachelor In Paradise sketch showcases a group of lovesick toddlers who are all ready to open their hearts to romance. The mini-episode couldn't be more adorable and, given that Rachel's journey on the real Bachelorette has come to a close, it's helping to fill an empty void.

Still in its infancy, the first episode of Baby Bachelor in Paradise foreshadows the drama set to ensue through out the season, all posited against the backdrop of a flirty, thriving tropical getaway. The tots have their shades and swimsuits on, and are ready to mix and mingle.

"Welcome to paradise, a serene utopia for small children whose parents, for some reason, had no problem with them doing this," Kimmel narrates, introducing us to the Baby Bachelor in Paradise cast. We've got plenty of newcomers to meet, starting with Kennedy the real estate agent.

Next is commercial airline pilot Dominic, who confirms he's here for the right reasons, swooning: "I just wanna find wuv." Bella the administrative assistant rounds out the new crew, but plenty of fan favorites from previous seasons have returned for another shot.

"Hey I'm Dylan and I'm back for more love!" the above-ground-pool installer belts. We also get round two of Ethan, a "wild child" who "doesn't play by the rules." Aidan the podiatrist is here again, just looking to have a good time. We get another dose of Brendan the Herbalife sales rep, along with Cosette the celebrity publicist who laments: "I always fall for bad boys."

It looks like Cosette's in luck: Alex, the Baby Bachelorette runner-up and current vape shop owner who "recently got out of prison for setting fire to a meth lab," might be hers for the taking. "Alex is so cute," Cosette reveals, bemoaning: "I make mad decisions." Lastly, Mayzie the life coach makes waves among the cast, always ready to shake things up. "I'm Mayzie and I'm crazy!" she shouts, insisting: "I'm gonna find a boy who will never leave me."

All of these big personalities wrapped up in pint-size packages are adorable in their own right, but when put together? It's just priceless. You can watch the first, 5-minute episode for yourself in the YouTube clip above.

The Baby Bachelor in Paradise spoof gives all Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons a run for their money, because seriously, you can't compete with the level of cuteness. Until Season 4 of the real Bachelor in Paradise premieres on Aug. 14 and 15, the mini-version absolutely suffices for the time being.