Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo's Childhood Photos Show Who Baby Felicity Resembles Most

When Jinger Duggar welcomed her daughter Felicity with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, longtime fans of her family's reality show, 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On, were beyond thrilled for them. And with every photo of Felicity posted on Instagram, people can't help but comment on which parent their daughter most closely resembles. But by looking at Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's baby and childhood photos, it's pretty easy to see which parent Felicity looks like more — at least right now.

The Duggars made their television debut in 2004 with the TV special, 14 Kids & Pregnant Again, according to In Touch Weekly, catapulting Duggar's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, into the spotlight. And Jinger, who was born in 1993, was only 10 years old at the time, so watching her grow up over the years has been a treat for fans, who've recently watched her get married and then become a mom.

And while Duggar fans might not be as familiar with Jeremy's family or childhood, Jinger occasionally posts a few throwback photos on her Instagram account, which allows diehard Duggar fans to get to know him a bit better.

With them welcoming Felicity into the world this past summer, it's easy to see why fans can't get enough of the couple and why they might want to look at Jinger and Jeremy's baby photos. C'mon, it's fun to see whose genes are shining through the most at the moment, right?

Jinger Then

Jinger (Right) & Her Sister, Jessa Duggar (Left)

Since the majority of Jinger's life has been documented on camera, it makes sense that cameras were there to capture her first few years of life. It's a good thing that the Duggar family was fond of taking pictures of everyone as little kids — because these throwback photos of Jinger as a baby and young girl are seriously adorable.

Fans might notice that in almost all of these throwback photos, Jinger stands next to her older sister, Jessa Duggar. This is because Jinger and Jessa are super close, according to In Touch Weekly. The siblings are only one year apart from each other and have said that they would spend hours talking at nighttime instead of sleeping.

Jinger (Left) & Jessa (Right)

Jinger (Second From Left) & Some Of Her Siblings

Her big eyes and toothy smile in these super adorable "baby photos" are traits that Jinger still has to this day — and something that Felicity has, too. You can definitely see her resemblance to her mom in this photo that Jinger posted on her Instagram earlier this month.

Jeremy Then


Because Jinger's husband spent the majority of his life in the private eye, there aren't many baby photos of Jeremy on Instagram — and there aren't any baby photos of him on his Facebook page.

This is because Jeremy had a pretty quiet and normal upbringing, according to People. He grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where his father was a pastor, according to People, and because he joined Instagram once he married Jinger and Facebook just a bit earlier, his throwback Thursday posts are scant.

Jeremy has only posted one baby photo of himself on Instagram, which can be seen here (after the picture of Jinger). And based on how absolutely adorable (and hilarious) it is, he definitely should post more of these.

But until he does that, Jinger has posted some super cute throwback photos of her husband (even if he is a bit older in these pictures).

Felicity Now

She Looks Exactly Like Her Dad In This Photo

You can see Felicity's resemblance to her father in these two photos that Jinger posted on Instagram. You can tell that Felicity and Jeremy share the exact same eye shape and eye color.

But She Also Looks Like Jinger

Felicity & Jinger Have The Same Exact Nose

Although there might not be too many childhood photos of Jeremy out there, rest assured that he will make up for this by posting loads of baby photos of his daughter. And let's be real, these photos of Felicity are priceless.