These Jinger Duggar Pregnancy Updates Should Satisfy Any Impatient Fans

by Josie Rhodes Cook

For anyone who doesn't follow Counting On/Duggar family news, Jinger Duggar Vuolo is currently pregnant. And because this is her first child, Duggar fans are especially impatient to hear as much as they can about her pregnancy. There have been some Jinger Duggar pregnancy updates in recent weeks, but as her due date approaches, there's no telling whether Jinger will start to provide more frequent updates to fans, or go quiet as she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, prepare for the birth.

Jinger announced her pregnancy in January in statement she and Vuolo wrote on their website, according to PEOPLE:

The past fourteen months have been the best of our lives as we have had the wonderful privilege of beginning our journey through life together in marriage. We both looked forward to the joys of marriage but neither one of us fully understood just how amazing the start of this journey would be. Truly, the Lord’s mercies are new every morning! Now, the journey has taken an exciting turn: we are expecting our first child! We are praising God for this beautiful gift and ask that you join us in praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Since then, she has provided limited updates on Instagram, possibly because the pregnancy might be featured on her family's TLC show Counting On anyway.

We do know that Jinger and Vuolo's baby is a girl due in July, according to PEOPLE. Jinger often shares bump photos with followers as her pregnancy progresses, with cute sayings like "baby is the size of a cantaloupe," according to The Hollywood Gossip. Following her account is one of the best ways for any fans to get updates about Jinger's pregnancy, or really about anything going on in her life.

Because Jinger's baby is due in mid-July, fans have been anxiously awaiting any news they can get about the pregnancy as the month approaches. There's always a chance the baby could come early, after all, which would be the ultimate pregnancy update.

But so far, it seems like Baby Vuolo is staying put. Jinger's last pregnancy update was posted to Instagram on June 6, and the only post she's made since then was about her husband and entirely without mention of the baby they're both expecting.

Before that, Jinger posted a photo to her account that suggested that she's not loving the Texas heat while heavily pregnant, according to Motherly. She took a screenshot of the weather in Laredo, Texas — where she and Vuolo live away from the rest of the Duggar clan — and captioned it, "The perks of summer pregnancy ☀️."

One of the days listed on the screenshot showed a high of 110 degrees where Jinger lives, and I definitely don't blame her for not being a fan of that sort of summer weather. That's a brutal temperature even without adding a pregnancy into the mix.

Before that, Jinger shared a photo of herself at the 31-week mark of her pregnancy in mid-May, about two months out from her due date. She compared the baby to the size of a pineapple, and very simply captioned the photo, "Baby Girl Vuolo 👶🏼💕#31weeks." But fans in the comments more than made up for her succinct description. "I feel like that baby has been cooking for well over 9 months," one fan replied, and another wrote "Such a high belly.. definitely a girl" in their response.

Fans of the Duggar family are likely especially impatient for updates on Jinger's pregnancy after her brother, Joseph Duggar, and his wife Kendra (Caldwell) Duggar welcomed a baby boy on June 8, according to Us Weekly. The baby, Garrett David, is the latest Duggar grandchild to arrive, and Jinger is the only child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who is still expecting a baby. Or rather, the only one who is officially confirmed to be pregnant, anyway. You never know who might be holding off on announcing a pregnancy in the Duggar camp.

For Jinger and Jeremy, though, the "journey" of awaiting their first child is nearing its end.

In April, in the most recent post on Jinger and Jeremy's website, Jinger and Jessa talked about Jinger's pregnancy. They covered pregnancy advice, how hard it was for Jinger to keep the news about her pregnancy from her sister, and Jinger's sex reveal the reveal. No other major updates that differed from what Jinger shares on Instagram anyway, so for now, fans will have to keep their eyes peeled to her social media and wait.