Jinger Duggar Says This Part Of Pregnancy Surprised Her The Most & Moms Can Definitely Relate

by Casey Suglia

Jinger Duggar is only halfway through her pregnancy but she's already handling it like a champ. It could be because she's seen so many women in her family go through the exact same things as her during their pregnancies. But, even with all she's witnessed and all of the advice she's been given, in the newest issue of Us Weekly, Duggar talked about the pregnancy side effect that surprised her the most and it's safe to say that most moms-to-be were taken aback by it, too.

Duggar is one of 19 kids and is the sixth oldest kid in birth order — so she has see her mother go through a lot of pregnancies, as well as her sisters. And now she is experiencing pregnancy herself for the first time after she made the very exciting announcement in January that she's expecting her first child with husband, Jeremy Vuolo. Now that Duggar is halfway through her pregnancy and expecting to give birth in the summer, she is experiencing everything that her mother went through and her sisters have gone through firsthand — including some of those pesky pregnancy symptoms and side effects that strike women at random.

Duggar told Us Weekly that this pregnancy has been making her more tired than usual, which she had never expected.

Duggar told Us Weekly:

I do think probably what surprised me the most is just being so tired all the time. I was never a napper, like having to take a nap, and now it's like, "Ooh! I think I want to nap every day!"

While you don't have to be pregnant to want to take a nap every day (like myself), being tired or experiencing fatigue is a common symptom of pregnancy and taking naps is the most popular way of dealing with this symptom, for obvious reasons. The desire to take naps during pregnancy, according to Pregnancy Magazine, is due to changes in the body and the inability to get comfortable because of it. Many women find it difficult to even sleep throughout the night and get the expected eight hours of sleep, according to Live Science, therefore they're more tired throughout the day and more likely to take naps because of it.

Of course, Duggar told Us Weekly that her sisters who are moms themselves were able to assure her that the tiredness she had been experiencing during her pregnancy is completely normal (because with that many pregnancies, someone was bound to have the same symptoms as her). Duggar told Us Weekly they've provided her with some great advice:

They've said "Just take a nap, don't feel bad when you have to lay down in the middle of the day." Especially when I was in all the morning sickness, I talked to them a lot about what they did, how they got through their morning sickness, and I think that was some of the best advice — just resting, taking it easy.

Duggar also revealed to Us Weekly that her morning sickness got so bad, she wasn't able to cook because even being in the kitchen would make her nauseous. But now Duggar is past all of that. "I'm feeling really good at this point!" Duggar told Us Weekly. "I'm passed any and all morning sickness."

But you wouldn't be able to tell that morning sickness has hit Duggar hard, either. In almost all of her pregnancy updates on Instagram, Duggar looks radiant with no signs of those pregnancy symptoms showing on her face. You can not tell in these photos that she couldn't make food for weeks or had to take daily naps because of the changes happening to her body.

Duggar still has a bit more time to experience more symptoms from her pregnancy. But from the sounds of it, recently it's been smooth sailing.

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