Jinger Duggar's Sweet New Photo Of Felicity Confirms She's Fearless Little Cowgirl

It's hard to believe that Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's daughter Felicity is already a little more than a year old. In that time, she's grown up before Counting On fans' eyes and has continued to surpass major milestones, all of which Jinger has documented on Instagram. Just this week, in fact, Jinger Duggar's daughter, Felicity, conquered a major feat on a classic toy every kid loves at one point in their lives.

Felicity seems like such a happy and active little girl, which is apparent in every single photo and video that Jinger posts of her little girl to her Instagram account. She always seems to be trying a new food, testing out a new activity, and embarking on a new adventure with her parents with a huge smile on her face in the process. Based on the photos, it's easy to assume that their little girl is fearless. But, like all of us, she's had to work hard at accomplishing some goals. In a new Instagram post, shared to Jinger's account, she revealed that Felicity has had one major feat for the past year — getting on her rocking horse. And she was finally able to conquer it this week.

"Last night, Felicity conquered her rocking horse, which is no small feat!" Jinger wrote in the caption of the post. "She had that whole thing moving...might I add it was on carpet, making it much more difficult to maintain speed."

Just look at how excited the little girl looks to be on the rocking horse. And since she was born in Texas, it makes so much sense how she might be a little cowgirl at heart.

Felicity's ability to conquer this major feat isn't just a big milestone for her, it's a sign that she is gaining her independence and well on her way to growing up. This is due in part to the fact that Felicity is now walking on her own, too. "It seems like overnight that she's gone from being fully reliant on us for everything, to mastering crawling, leaving dad and mom chasing her all over the place!" Jinger wrote on Instagram

This outward showing of independence is something that Jinger will have to get used to, because it's about to hit her in full force. After kids turn a year old, it seems like they get older and make a little more progress each and every day. However, this progress didn't exactly happen over night, and Jinger's Instagram account serves as a record of this. In May, when Felicity was just 10 months old, Jinger documented her daughter sitting on her rocking horse (even if she was still afraid of it), and standing up all on her own.

Although it might have taken Felicity four more months to start rocking and walking, the signs of her with a mission to ride that horse have really been there all along.

And all of this has been so exciting for Jinger to watch. "Felicity has taken a few solo steps in recent days, but seems to embrace a more cautious approach when it comes to her strides," she wrote in the Instagram post. "I know that these days will pass quickly, and she will be running all over the place."

"I am just so thankful to have a front row seat, watching this little one explore the world around her," she added. And hopefully Jinger will keep her fans updated along the way.