Jinger Duggar's Daughter Felicity Is Every Toddler With Christmas Gifts — PHOTO

Ah, toddlers — they're such fickle beings. One moment, they love carrots. The next day, carrots are quite possibly the most disgusting food on the face of the planet. Meltdowns are developmentally appropriate and to be expected. As are odd fascinations with everyday objects. And Jinger Duggar's daughter Felicity is every toddler with Christmas gifts.

As a refresher, the Counting On star shares a 17-month-old daughter, Felicity, with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. Which, as seasoned parents already know, is a prime age for both frustrating — and hilarious — toddler shenanigans. Jinger took to her Instagram Story on Friday, Dec. 27, to share photos from a Christmas gathering with Jeremy's side of the family. And one shot in particular will likely resonate with parents of toddlers. "When you give your daughter a doll, but she's more intrigued by Auntie Val's perfume," she captioned a photo of Felicity looking absolutely captivated by an ornate bottle — while completely ignoring a Belle doll that Jinger is excitedly presenting to her. (LOL!)

It's so true, though! In my experience, toddlers are often way more interested in the box or the packaging that comes along with gifts. Or, you know, completely ordinary objects like the TV remote, or mom's car keys. This tendency can be a bit frustrating for parents, who might spend a considerable amount of time and money when considering potential toys for their little ones. (Not that the little ones give a rip, though.)

Another seriously relatable Christmas present moment, courtesy of Jinger Vuolo? The fact that it took no fewer than four grown adults to figure out how to assemble a pink tent, presumably also a gift for Felicity. "How many adults does it take to set up a tent," Jinger captioned a video of Jeremy, both of his parents, and a fourth person inside of the tent, struggling to set up the toy. ("Easy to assemble," my *ss, right?)

Despite the toddler gift struggles, it looks like Jeremy, Jinger, and Felicity had an amazing time with the Vuolo side of the family. It isn't clear if the Counting On stars were able to visit with any of the Duggars this Christmas. That's because none of the Vuolos appeared in any of the photos or video footage shared from the big Duggar family gathering held at Michelle and Jim Bob's house in Tontitown, Arkansas. But it makes sense if they weren't able to make it, considering Jeremy and Jinger moved to Los Angeles, California, this past summer. (And that's a long haul with a toddler.)

Whether or not the Vuolos were able to see the Duggar side of the family leading up to Dec. 25, Jinger and Jeremy seemed to have enjoyed their holiday together with Felicity — even if some of the toddler's reactions to the gifts she received were a bit underwhelming.