Aww: Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Just Took Baby Felicity On Her Very First Vacation

Jinger Duggar only gave birth to her daughter two months ago, but she isn't letting it stop her and husband, Jeremy Vuolo, from having fun and doing the things they love — they're just bringing their baby girl along for the ride now. This weekend, for instance, Jinger Duggar's daughter Felicity went on her first family vacation, and fans can tell that the little girl was loving her trip, thanks to the couple's Instagram posts to their respective accounts.

On Friday, Duggar took to Instagram to share a few photos from the inside of an airplane and airport. The destination? Chicago, Illinois. You can tell by Duggar's Instagram posts that she was so excited to travel and get out of Texas — especially since she posted a gorgeous photo of the Chicago skyline and a photo from inside of Chicago O'Hare International Airport (leave it to Duggar to find the beauty in a place as chaotic as the airport).

But no one seemed more excited to travel to Chicago than Felicity, who rode in an airplane for the first time ever, according to CafeMom. In a photo, posted to Duggar's account, Felicity can be seen in Vuolo's arms on the airplane with such a surprised look on her face. But this shock must have lasted only a little while, because in the next photo posted to Duggar's account, Felicity is sound asleep in her mom's arms. "Little travel buddy," Duggar captioned the photo.

Fans could not get enough of the little girl, taking to the comments to share their thoughts about Felicity's first plane ride.

"She is just so precious!" one fan wrote.

"I only wish I was able to sleep like that on a plane," another added. My sentiments exactly...

But the family fun didn't stop there. Once the Vuolos arrived in Chicago, it was clear that they made the most of their trip. The family (yes, including Felicity) attended a Chicago Cubs baseball game where the entire family looked super excited to root on the home team (even if Felicity might not have stayed awake for the entire game).

Seriously, Duggar and Vuolo's smiles say it all — it's super clear that they're so happy to be on their first family vacation together.

And while they were in Chicago, they were sure to taste (and enjoy) the local cuisine. Vuolo posted a photo of himself eating a Chicago-style hotdog from the regional fast food chain, Portillo's, over on his Instagram account. And on Duggar's account, she shared the sweetest photo of Vuolo drinking coffee at a coffee shop. "Coffee. Hubby. Bliss," Duggar captioned the photo.

But Duggar and Vuolo didn't just go to Chicago for some sightseeing and to watch a baseball game — they were there for a reason. On Vuolo's Instagram account, he revealed that he and Duggar were in Chicago so he could officiate the wedding of one of his best friends. How cute is that?

This vacation looked like so much fun for the couple and their little girl, who seems to be living her best 2-month-old life. And based on these photos, it's clear that Duggar and Vuolo seem to be loving their new lives as parents. A few weeks after Felicity was born, Duggar told Us Weekly that she was in love with being a mom. "It's been so incredible," Duggar said. "We can't stop staring at her adorable little face."

Now that the family has traveled to Chicago together, the possibilities of where they might go next are endless. Wherever they do go though, baby Felicity will probably end up loving it... catching some zzz's along the way, of course.