'Counting On' Fans Are In Awe Over Jinger Duggar's Toy Stash For Felicity — PHOTO

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are used to having their lives observed on their TLC reality show, Counting On. Since welcoming their 1-year-old daughter, Felicity, last year, the couple has had even more eyes on them, though they seem to really enjoy sharing updates about their sweet daughter with their fans. In fact, Jinger Duggar's photo of Felicity's toys has Counting On fans in total awe.

The little family of three seems to be adjusting quite nicely since moving to California from Texas at the beginning of this summer. In the weeks since then, they've attended movie premieres, gotten brand new hair styles, and gone on some pretty exciting family adventures together. Needless to say, they're pretty much thriving as a family. But in the midst of all of the excitement, they've still found moments for normalcy to relax and play, as evidenced by Jinger's newest Instagram photo.

In the aerial photo of Felicity, the little girl can be seen sitting on the floor among a bevy of different toys. There are dolls, there are blocks, there are educational toys — that little girl has anything she could ever want.

Her toy selection is seriously impressive. It seems like there are plenty of objects for her to expand her creativity and cute, soft objects for her to cuddle up to. But if Felicity wants to explore her sporty side, there are different options for her, too. Felicity has not one but two soccer balls pictured in the photo, which was likely given to her by her dad. Before serving as a preacher and pastor, Jeremy was a professional soccer player (and even played for Syracuse University) until he retired in 2014, according to Us Weekly.

Indeed, Jinger's followers are pretty impressed and obsessed with her daughter's toy selection.

"Adorable little girl and her toys," one commenter wrote.

"She's so content with her toys," another commenter observed.

"Sweet baby girl!," another commenter added. "Balls, blocks, and dolls!"

This kind of reaction, of course, is such a welcome change from mom-shamers who seem to criticize everything Jinger does. But how could they with this photo? Felicity looks so pleased to be surrounded by so many toys. And if having too many toys ever gets overwhelming, she can always share them with her many cousins around her age.

When Felicity turned 1 year old last week, Jinger praised her little girl on Instagram, sharing that she's indeed as sweet as she looks. "She has been nothing but a joy, and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for this precious one," she captioned a sweet photo of her daughter. "Our prayer is that Felicity will love and serve Christ supremely all her days. Happy Birthday, sweet girl."

And with her impressive toy stash, there are undoubtedly a lot more adventures, fun moments, and time to play in store for Felicity over the next year. And hopefully, Jeremy and Jinger will share some of them with their fans.