Jinger Duggar Got Real About Summer Pregnancy "Perks" & Moms On Instagram *Feel* Her Pain

Being pregnant is exhausting, and TLC's Counting On star Jinger Duggar knows this to be true. Duggar is expecting her first child within the next few weeks and has seemed to love it so far. But some of the "perks" that come with pregnancy, especially with hot and humid months ahead, aren't necessarily the greatest. That's why Duggar's post about summer pregnancy "perks" has so many moms on Instagram feeling her pain.

Many mothers will tell you that being pregnant isn't always a walk in the park. Not only are they growing baby inside of them, but they also have to deal with all those pregnancy side effects, like weird food cravings, acid reflux, new aches and pains, and just feeling physically exhausted. When you add in other elements that you can't control to this, it can make pregnancy a bit more difficult on your body. Duggar's most recent Instagram post perfectly highlights this.

The post is simple — just a screenshot of some intense temperatures, presumably taken with Duggar's iPhone. To anyone else, this would just look like an overview of the weather for the week in Duggar's current home of Laredo, Texas. But if you look a bit closely you'll find that those temperatures are hot — like 110 degrees hot.

"The perks of summer pregnancy," Jinger captioned the screenshot. And sure, she's right — there's lots of sunshine and good weather, but also a lot of sweat, too.

Other moms took to Duggar's Instagram comments to commiserate with her and provide her with some very good advice to beat the summer heat. "Stay indoors, stay cool, stay hydrated!!!" one commenter wrote.

"I only carried one of mine through the summer and that was enough," another commenter added.

"You poor thing," one commenter said. "That heat must suck the life out of you."

The perfect comment to sum up what all moms are thinking and speaks truth to Duggar's Arkansas roots? "Bless your heart," one commenter wrote. Perfectly stated.

Heat is something that pregnant women, like Duggar, need to be very aware of. A pregnant woman with too much heat exposure can come down with some serious side effects like heat rash, dehydration, and heat cramps, according to Live Strong. Luckily, there are a lot of ways for pregnant women to stay cool and avoid this, according to Parents, like making sure to take cool showers, putting their feet up to avoid swelling, and wearing light colored clothing. But once temperatures exceed 90 degrees (like Duggar's home town temperatures are), according to Parents, women should stay indoors, in the shade, and make sure that they turn on that AC.

The good news is, Duggar doesn't have to worry about the heat for too much longer. She is currently 32 weeks pregnant, according to People, and only has a few more weeks to go before she's expected to deliver her baby girl (her expected due date is in July, according to Radar Online). So she only has a little bit more time left to learn how to navigate the heat before she does end up going into labor. Luckily for Duggar, up until now, her pregnancy has appeared to be smooth sailing. Duggar has not only looked radiant in her weekly bump update shots but she even took the time to have a "babymoon," according to In Touch Weekly. Not to mention, she has only posted positive things about her pregnancy on her Instagram account, where she has regularly been keeping fans updated about her pregnancy while her show, Counting On, is off air.

Unfortunately, dealing with the heat is one of those things that moms can't control during their pregnancy. Let's hope their AC ready to work overtime.