Joanna Gaines' Christmas Decorations This Year Will Make You Feel Oh So ~*Festive*~

The holiday season is here, which means it's time to get a look at how some of your design favorites deck their halls. HGTV fans will be delighted to know that Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines shared photos of her Christmas decorations for this year on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, she and her husband Chip know how to do their December decorating right, mixing elegance with a hearty dose of holiday sentimentality.

First, last week, Joanna posted a photo of her daughter Emmie standing on her tiptoes to put an ornament on their Christmas tree, which nearly scrapes the ceiling of their home in Waco, Texas. Every ornament, light, and ribbon appears to be in its perfect place. (How is it all so evenly spaced? When I decorate my tree, everything just kind of... clumps.) But for Joanna, the flawless design wasn't the most important part of the decorating process. In the caption, she wrote:

This family tree gets me every time. Emmie asked why I always get so sad when we put this tree up and I told her it's a good kinda sad. I explained these memories on this tree are so sweet and time just goes by so fast. This tree is full of firsts for each of us, many meaningful ornaments, and lots of handmade who knows what. It's my favorite and I treasure this time every year

The Gaines family decorations didn't stop at the Christmas tree. Chip and Joanna own a thriving retail destination in Waco, Magnolia Market at the Silos, and this year, they got very enthusiastic about Christmas lights. Joanna shared a picture of one of the gigantic grain silos all lit up, along with various other lights strung along trees and roofs. All together, the scene looks like a glowing wonderland. It's gorgeous and elegant, which is totally typical for the popular duo.

The holiday season tends to bring out one's inner passion for decorating, even if one is absolutely terrible at it in the remaining 11 months of the year. When it comes to paint colors, I can't tell the difference between alabaster and cream. My couch pillows are mismatched (and not artfully so). But you can bet that I'm going to lug a Christmas tree up to my fifth floor walkup, and deck it out (and then probably leave it in the corner by my TV until sometime around the middle of February, when I finally get the energy to lug it back down to the curb).

So, as I prepare, it's nice to get a little Christmas decorating inspiration from the masters of design, especially since they'll soon be taking a break from the TV screen.

HGTV fans were heartbroken to hear that Chip and Joanna would be ending the mega-popular Fixer Upper after five seasons, which they finished filming last month. In the show, the duo went around renovating and redesigning homes, and giving fans plenty of home design goals in the process. But the schedule was exhausting, especially with four children and other businesses in the mix, and so the couple decided to step back and focus on other ventures for a bit. As Chip told TODAY:

I realized the show was demanding time from me, and I needed to be giving it to our businesses, to our relationship and my family. How far can you push it before something really does break down? And that’s kind of where we landed... Jo and I don’t want to find ourselves years from now realizing there were warning signs letting us know we were exhausted. We would rather stop here, where we still feel we’re in a really good place.

For many fans, all they want for Christmas is more Fixer Upper. But these beautiful photos, plus the knowledge that Chip and Joanna have plenty of other irons in the fire, are an excellent alternative.

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