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There's A Sweet & Important Reason John Legend Is Learning To Swim Right Now

A few months ago, father and EGOT winner John Legend revealed to his fans that he didn't know how to swim, but he was taking steps to learn how. And in a new interview with People, Legend explained why learning to swim now, as an adult, was so important for him to do, but especially as a father to his daughter Luna and son Miles.

Legend, who shares his two adorable children with wife, Chrissy Teigen, told People that he's happy he's learning to swim now because he's "able to live with less fear" and be able to swim with his kids wherever they are. As he told the magazine, simply being able to swim now "just opens up a lot more opportunities."

"I just want to be comfortable in any water settings," he recently told People. "So if we’re out on a boat on the ocean, if we’re in a pool, no matter where we are." And though it's only been a few months since he started taking lessons, Legend has made a lot of progress. In fact, Teigen, posted a video of him learning to dive into their family pool on Instagram, which she captioned, "so proud!!!"

Fans and followers immediately began applauding him for his efforts, sharing their own stories of learning to swim, as well.

"I’ve taken adult swim lessons twice. I think the third time will be the charm with private lessons. Get ‘em John!" one comment read.

"I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is he is learning to swim!! What an incredible example to others who don't know how that it's never too late to learn!" said another.

And just this week, Legend posted an update on Twitter of him swimming freestyle. "Freestyle stroke is improving!" he captioned the video.

Legend's reasons for learning to do the back float and do freestyle aren't only for safety, though, of course, those are totally valid and probably most important.

As Legend explained to People, he also wants to be able to enjoy the water with his kids, and to be able to go in the ocean with them, which is a totally reasonable thing to think about. Kudos to Legend for taking initiative and making some family vacation dreams come true.

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Whether they're being candid about learning a new skill as an adult or celebrating very real moments of parenthood (ahem postpartum diaper...), Teigen and Legend are constantly wowing their fans with their down-to-earth honesty — and it's why people love them so much. And even if they seem like they really have it together, they'll be the first ones to tell you there's a learning curve when it comes to being a parent.

As Legend previously told Entertainment Tonight, "You're just really learning every day... Part of it is learning how to parent together, because even though Chrissy and I have been together for a long time, we haven't been parents together until the last year. I think you start to learn how to parent together and what kind of responsibilities you want to share and take on."

However, in a recent interview with Parents, it sounds like they've got a good handle on it all. As Legend told the magazine, their approach is all about “one-on-one rather than zone, in basketball terms," explaining further: “I'll go out and play with Luna while Chrissy breastfeeding Miles — there is just a little more juggling that goes on."

It seems that Legend can now look forward to some one-on-one outdoor time with the kids as well — pool parties now included.