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John Legend's Photo Of Luna & Chrissy Teigen Shows How Smitten He Is With "His Ladies"

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen welcomed baby Luna to the world a few weeks ago. And, ever since, the gorgeous, hilarious, and famously open couple have shared plenty of sweet family moments together. But John Legend's photo of Luna and Chrissy Teigen he shared just a day ago is so sweet and full of love, it's easy to see just how smitten the musician is with the two he lovingly referred to as "my ladies" in the caption on Instagram.

Despite Teigen's glamorous career as a model and on TV, it's hard to imagine a time she's ever looked more beautiful than sitting on that bench, fresh faced, hair pulled up in a bun, holding that smiley, dimpled baby and posing for her husband with a relaxed grin. It feels like such an intimate moment. But John and Chrissy have never been shy about sharing their lives together on social media.

Remember the picture of a very naked Legend that Teigen shared? Or Teigen showing off her "stretchies" for her followers? Legend and Teigen have always been willing to reveal themselves in a way that made them seem like old friends rather than celebrities. And it's fun to get to share their joy and excitement in becoming new parents to baby Luna, who is a beautiful bundle of total perfection.

Now that the famous model and musician are clearly focused on being parents, they've given their fans some adorable peeks into their family life. Here's a beautiful picture of Legend and Luna, who is probably the most photogenic baby in history, shared by her obviously very proud mama.

But even the most glamorous moms don't seem to be able to dodge the mom shaming, which Teigen got to experience in a very public way less than a week after Luna was born. She and her husband wanted to have dinner out together. But when they did, the reaction from the armies of mommy shamers was swift, with many asking what kind of a person leaves a newborn for a night out. The horror!

Welcome to the club, Chrissy.

“I used to read mommy blogs like crazy so I knew mommy shaming was a thing but I didn’t think it would come from going to dinner,” Teigen said, according to ABC News. “We were gone for an hour. We had a good meal together.”

Legend, for his part, wondered why everyone reserved their judgement just for his wife.

It's clear that Legend isn't going to stop standing up for Teigen or sharing cute photos of her and Luna anytime soon, and fans are OK with that.