John Oliver Covers Hillary Clinton's Emails On 'Last Week Tonight' In His Latest Segment

At this point, it's become very clear that John Oliver is kind of tired of covering the election. But until we have finally elected a new president, it looks like he's going to have to continue dedicating at least a few minutes of each show to the ever-more disheartening race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So John Oliver's segment on the FBI reopening the case of Hillary Clinton's emails shows just how far we've sunk below rock bottom.

Oliver started the show saying that he really, really didn't want to cover the election this week. He had even prepared a nice segment on the election in Iceland, where they could be electing pirates (this is actually a political party, and not actual pirates, just for the record). They prepared several lovely eyepatch jokes. And then, the FBI announced that it was re-launching an investigation into some of Clinton's emails, as they might include some pertinent information. Of course this happens just about a week before Election Day. And naturally, nobody knows if any of the information is going to be damaging to Clinton at all. Oliver suggested Bacardi change its slogan to: "Bacardi. Because there might be more f***ing Clinton emails."

Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of this whole story is that it came about due to the Anthony Weiner scandal. Maybe Joe Biden put it best as, in a clip Oliver presented, he reacted to the news with a sigh and a simple, "Oh God. I can't comment on Anthony Weiner." So it turns out that Clinton's path to the presidency could be in danger (Carlos Danger, that is) because Anthony Weiner sexted a 15-year-old girl. And we don't even know yet whether this is a huge problem or barely a problem at all. All that is known is that none of the emails being investigated were from Clinton herself. Oliver compared it to a mystery box from the movie Seven. It could contain anything ranging from nothing to Gwyneth Paltrow's head. But it definitely contains Anthony Weiner's genital region.

So a few weeks ago we were looking way up at rock bottom. Now, by Oliver's reckoning, if you look up, you will see absolutely nothing because we are now buried so deep into the earth that we have popped out the other side, scaring the kangaroos, and are currently hurtling through space.

At least it's all almost over.