Eric Liebowitz/HBO

John Oliver Covers The Election Results On 'Last Week Tonight' & Asks How We Got Here

John Oliver has never been particularly, well, balanced in his coverage of this election. Instead, he has spoken tirelessly about the dangers of electing Donald Trump for president. Now that it turns out Trump actually will be our next president, John Oliver covered the election results on Last Week Tonight and asked how we got here. While he ordinarily spends just a few minutes on Trump before moving on to another story, his first show after Election Day was dedicated entirely to dissecting what exactly happened here.

Oliver started off by pointing out that now instead of showing our daughters that they can do whatever they want when they grow up, this election proved only that no grandpa is too racist to become president of the United States. In the same way that Oliver pointed out that the nausea following this election "hits you in waves," so did his coverage of all the ways in which this is really not okay. Much as we might want to simply hope for the best and give Trump a chance, just sitting by and praying it will all be fine is not going to do it. When asking yourself what to do now, Oliver would like to remind you that moving to Canada is not the answer.

When questioning how this actually happened, which Oliver likened to finding out that your plane is being piloted by a wombat, Oliver took on what might be the biggest culprit here, the media. News today is "micro-targeted" and a vast majority of millennials as well as a healthy margin of older generations get all of their news from Facebook, which, like Trump, has a shaky relationship with the truth at best. Trump has actually cited "the internet" as the sources of his dangerous misinformation, for example the completely false claim that blacks kill whites at a rate of 90 percent. Even Bill O'Reilly called him out on that. So what can you do? Start by buying a subscription to an actual, accredited news source such as the New York Times or the Washington Post. And that's not all.

Oliver also listed several organizations you can join to at least attempt to mitigate the damage Trump could do. Donate your time and or money to environmental organizations, Planned Parenthood, the Trevor Project. All of the people these organizations work to help are in danger with Trump as president. Yes, the sun will still come up tomorrow, but the continued rotation of the earth is not a great benchmark for American society, Oliver said, and told everyone to remind themselves constantly, this is not normal. Get it tattooed on your ass if you need to.

The whole night, and the last episode of the season, ended with a heartfelt montage of how much this past year has really sucked, to which I think we can all agree: here here!