Eric Liebowitz/HBO

John Oliver Covers Trump On 'Last Week Tonight' & He's A Little Disappointed In Us

On the last episode of Last Week Tonight before America officially elects its next president, John Oliver had to start his show with some discussion of the candidates. John Oliver covered Trump on Last Week Tonight (hopefully for the last time), and showed that he's actually really disappointed in all of us for allowing Trump to get this far. Remember, he seemed to say, when the idea of Donald Trump running for president was just a kind of hilarious joke.

He then brought viewers back to a few years ago, with a clip of one of his times guest-hosting on The Daily Show. (Side-note: that was some really crazy hair Oliver was rocking back in the day.) In the clip, Oliver addressed the news that Trump was planning to run for president in 2016. With his usual deadpan, Oliver looked into the camera and said "Do it." It was clear at the time that Trump for president was considered ludicrous. It was a literal joke. And yet, here we are. Oliver at one point described the election as "This must be the universe punishing us for all the masturbating we've done and it's been a lot." Personally, I'm not sure that any amount of masturbation is really deserving of an actual joke on the precipice of being elected president.

Always trying to keep fans focused on the important things, Oliver added to his list of the ways in which Trump is a spectacularly unqualified and dangerous presidential candidate, "Also, and I feel like we've lost sight of this, he's got really stupid hair." This is unassailably true, and it is also true that in light of all the other ridiculous and horrifying things about Trump, we haven't mocked his hair in a very long time. It was a simpler time back when Oliver could urge Trump to run for president on a satirical news show, honestly and innocently believing that the American public would never actually elect him. "I want to believe that our nation will reject Donald Trump," Oliver said. But it's no longer certain that we actually will.

While most polls still show Clinton in the lead, in the wake of more emails (sigh) Trump has been gaining on her, and the race is definitely tightening with just a few days to go. Our country may be on the edge of a nervous breakdown, but at least the Cubs finally won the World Series. So at least there's that to hold onto.