Eric Liebowitz/ABC

John Oliver's Alicia Machado Segment Shows Trump's Long History Of Comments About Women

The moment we've been waiting for since the first presidential debate finally arrived, with John Oliver's take on it on Last Week Tonight. He opened the show on Sunday night with a discussion on the debate, as well as Donald Trump's bizarre response, including his insistence that he won the debate based on unscientific polls. But it was John Oliver's segment on Trump and Alicia Machado that furthermore demonstrated Trump's long history of comments about women.

Near the end of the debate, Hillary Clinton brought up what she called one of the worst things Trump has ever said. He allegedly called Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado "Miss Piggy" because he insisted she gained weight after her win. He also allegedly called her "Miss Housekeeping" because she is Latina. As Oliver pointed out, Trump continuing to harp on this particular comment following the debate was a strange, and overall really bad move. The segment included the hilariously dismayed faces of the Fox News anchors when Trump defended himself over a phone call on air by saying that Machado was "the worst we ever had" and that she had gained a lot of weight, as well as his epic and vitriolic Twitter rant that lasted from 3am to 10am on Friday morning.

Perhaps the most vile tweet was the one in which he called her disgusting "check out sex tape and past," and accused Clinton of helping her get citizenship so she could use her in the debate. That is a presidential candidate imploring Americans to check out a sex tape, Oliver told the audience dryly. He then asked us to look up into the sky, all the way up, a little higher, just past the clouds. That is rock bottom. And we are way down here.

As usual, Oliver is right on the money. He's never been known for being exactly impartial in his coverage of the the election, but it's not like he's wrong regarding these comments. Consistently harping on Machado's weight is upsetting and not a quality former presidents have displayed during such late stages of the election. Some of his other zingers on Trump this episode included calling him a racist toddler coming out of dental surgery, and comparing Trump's statements to Pokemon: imaginary things that you nurture and evolve and eventually use to fight strangers. And that, fine people of the world, is where we are at with politics in 2016.