John Oliver's Trump Tape Segment Broke Down The Candidate's Most Recent Controversy

Though Last Week Tonight is taped and therefore John Oliver was unable to comment on the debate which wrapped up just 30 minutes before the show aired on Sunday night, he was able to comment on the audio that was released on Friday of Donald Trump talking about groping women to a giggling Billy Bush. You know the one. As usual, John Oliver broke down the Trump tape's terrible comments and proved just how unfit for the presidency he is.

In a video taped apology following the leak of the audio, Trump says that he regrets the comments he made, in which he brags that he brought a woman to a furniture store in hopes of thereby getting her to have sex with him (though she was married) and boasted that he could do whatever he wanted to beautiful women because of how powerful he was. He could "grab them by the p*ssy" if he wanted to. That is a literal quote. In the apology he said that those comments do not represent who he is. On the nose as always, Oliver countered that they could not capture his essence more if they were said by an orange-tinted Furby. He's right. These comments seem to be totally in character for "The Donald", if this election is any indicator.

As Oliver then pointed out, the attempts to defend Trump's comments have been incredibly weak. His former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski argued that Hillary Clinton has had secret conversations that haven't been recorded and distributed to the public. He argued she could have said the same thing. No, no she couldn't, Oliver said flatly. Yes, she may have said something questionable but she never bragged about luring men to furniture stores to grab their d*cks.

Oliver then drew attention to John McCain's rather flimsy reaction to the debacle, before asserted that he would not vote for Trump, as well as Paul Ryan's even flimsier statement that women were to be "championed and revered," which, OK. As Oliver would say, we're not show-dogs, dude. We're people.

Sadly for him, but unsurprising for the rest of the world, Trump didn't actually do much to atone for his comments during the debate. As he said in his apology, this is the real world. Though I tend to agree with John Oliver in the wish that this was a dream world, even if it was indeed the dream of "a racist teenager who fell asleep while masturbating to internet porn."