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This Fun Sock Company Employs Those With Differing Abilities *&* Gives Back

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I am firmly in the socks-make-a-great-gift camp, especially if they’re a fun and memorable pattern that makes you think of the gift giver every time you pull them on. If you’re on the hunt for holiday gifts, or are just looking to re-up your family’s sock collection after the dryer got half of each pair, John’s Crazy Socks has awesome pairs for the whole family, they give back to charity, and they’re made by a father-son team.

Co-founder John Lee Cronin is a young man with Down syndrome who also happens to have a love of fun colorful socks. “John’s worn crazy socks his whole life, that was his thing,” John's father, Mark, told CNBC in 2018. John and Mark founded John’s Crazy Socks in late 2016 (which was John’s last year of high school) with a mission to “spread happiness,” per the website.

And you can’t help but feel a little happier when you look at the socks that come in almost any print you can imagine, including tacos, mermaid cats (aka purrmaids), a very cool pineapple, and seasonal options — including a ton of spooky Halloween socks. There are even socks that kids can color in themselves.

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They source socks from other brands and they also design their own and have a special line of “Awareness” socks themed around anti-bullying, autism awareness, first responders, breast cancer awareness, or suicide prevention. 10% of proceeds from the Awareness sock go to a related cause, and 5% of proceeds from every pair are donated to The Special Olympics.

More than half of the staff of John’s Crazy Socks have different abilities, and they work alongside neurotypical people. Plus each package is shipped same-day (which is even speedier than Amazon) and contains a handwritten note from John, and candy. “Jeff Bezos never puts a thank you note and candy,” John told CNBC.

There are styles for babies, children, men, and women including sizes for larger feet and wider calves, and the brand is now offering face masks as well. With over 2000 styles and prints to choose from, it's nearly impossible to choose a favorite, which is why their Sock Of The Month Club is a great idea; for $12.99 a month, John will pick a favorite pair of socks and send it your way, because there's nothing better than a fresh pair of socks for a cause.

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