Join Our Community, The Hive!

by Dani Thibodeau

In May of this year, we launched an exclusively inclusive community for Romper, Bustle, and Elite Daily readers called The Hive to learn more about you and get your feedback on the content we create. If you elect to join, we'll ask about your life ambitions, parenting methods, skin care tricks, the articles you found most helpful, and anything else that you might care about through surveys.

We'll also conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews and host special events where you'll get Romper swag and chances to win some extra cash. We've learned so much from your comments on our Facebook pages and can't wait to hear more!

One last thing: We value your privacy and any information you share here will be kept strictly confidential. You will never be solicited and your personal information will not be released to any other companies or organizations. We've got your back.

Need more reasons to join? Say no more.

  • Romper will be more enjoyable and informative when you tell us what you want to see more of.
  • Being a Hive member means you’re instantly part of a supportive, fun community of badass women.
  • You’ll get an insider look inside special projects we’re working on and get to see the results of what you participated in.
  • Secret Event Invites.
  • Swag.
  • Respect.

Join us now!